Which supplement do doctors recommend the most?

The Nutrition Journal recently published a study about doctors and supplements. The study included 900 doctors in three specialties – cardiology, dermatology and orthopedics.

Researchers found that regular use of supplements was reported by:
• 37% of cardiologists
• 59% of dermatologists
• 91% of orthopedists

And, the following percentages of doctors recommend dietary supplements to their patients:
• 72% of cardiologists
• 66% of dermatologists
• 91% of orthopedists

Kind of makes me wonder why the cardiologists aren’t following their own advice more often, but it looks like the orthopedists recommend and take supplements at the same rate, which is pretty good.

Curious as to why they’re recommending supplements?

• For heart health or to lower cholesterol (Cardiologists)
• To benefit skin, hair and nails (Dermatologists)
• For bone and joint health (Orthopedists)

So, what was the supplement doctors recommend most? Researchers found the supplement recommended most often is the multivitamin.

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