New Multivitamin Recommendation


Did you notice that we recently changed our multivitamin recommendation?  Our product recommendations aren’t static – when new information and/or a better product comes along, then we will change them.

This new multivitamin now includes vitamin A.  In the past, we looked for multivitamins that excluded vitamin A, because early findings indicated there was an issue with including it in a multivitamin, but…

It turns out that the issues with vitamin A may start around twice the RDA.  Another study found that it’s excessive dietary intake of vitamin A that can cause issues to occur.  Also, researchers concluded that there needs to be a balance, making sure that the elderly consume enough vitamin A, but don’t consume excessive amounts.

The amount of vitamin A in this new multivitamin is half of the RDA.

So you may be wondering, why take the chance?  Why are researchers recommending finding a balance at all?

Because vitamin A still plays an important role in our health…

Vitamin A helps maintain and form our teeth, skin and skeletal and soft tissue.  It also promotes good vision and low light vision (so maybe I’ll stop bumping into things on the way to the bathroom at 2 am?).

Vitamin A’s also required for the immune system to function normally.  It maintains the integrity and function of the skin cells that are our first defense against infections.  Plus, it plays a vital role in the development of the white blood cells that are critical to immune system response.

Good vision and a strong immune system.  Sounds great to me…

Find out more about the new multivitamin that we recommend.


  1. vmckinney says:

    I cannot find what ingredients are in your multivitamin, even the one that is going to be redone to be better. Where do I find this. I would like to know what is in it, before I would place an order to give them a try! Can you help me on this? Victoria

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hi Victoria! We don’t sell any products here, just provide science and information. If you’re talking about the multivitamin that we recommend, however, I’m very glad to give you the information you’re looking for. The multivitamin we found to be the one with the most benefit is Foundation Multaivitamin, and you can view the label and it’s contents here:

      Now, as far as we know, this product is not being re-done. The recent supply came up a bit short in the amounts of some of the ingredients, and the label was adjusted to reflect the exact amounts in the current supply. Whatever did happen here has been corrected, so the next supply will be back to it’s great quality.

      I hope this was helpful!

  2. goldnmnkey says:

    Do the geeks take what they recommend?

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