Supplements to Lower High Blood Pressure


Last night I was honored to be a guest on Wellness For The REAL World with Dr. Veronica on BlogTalkRadio. Other guests included Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone Diet.

The subject was lowering blood pressure naturally, and there were lots of great ideas shared by the different guests for lowering blood pressure naturally. We’ve got both the full hour and my segment below: You can listen to the full hour here:

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Dr. Sears had some fascinating advice on taking fish oil supplements. He said that fewer than 1% are worth taking due to cheap ingredients and pollutants. He suggested the “toothpick test” to determine if the fish oil you’re taking is any good or not.

Well as you can imagine, we would suggest an even better approach: skip the fish oil all together and try something that works better. Krill oil has no mercury, no lead, no worries. No “toothpick test” required.

If you’re in a hurry, I’ve separated the segment I appeared on, and you can listen to it here: Wellness Radio Excerpt – Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure . You can download the file by right-clicking and choosing “save target as.”

And you can find more info on the products we discussed here: Lower Blood Pressure Naturally 

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