Calciology-More Science, less weight


Did you know most weight loss fads on the internet have very little science behind them? Take, for example, HCG. I saw a segment on the Dr. Oz show a while ago spotlighting people who paid up to $800 for a 12 week HCG program.

Dr. Oz summed it up by calling it “risky.” After all, he said, there is absolutely no science showing it works.

Yet there is something that not only has a good bit of science behind it as a weight loss supplement, it’s something your body desperately needs.

Almost none of us get the calcium we need from our diets alone. Studies show this could be one reason we have difficulty losing weight.

The Calciology formula was designed to maximize calcium absorption. Yet together, the ingredients constitute a formula that has some compelling science behind its ability to help you lose weight:

■Calcium: multiple studies have shown that higher calcium intakes lead to weight loss, perhaps because calcium consumption favors burning rather than storing fat

■Vitamin D: higher levels of vitamin D going into a diet has been shown to predict greater success with weight loss, especially in losing abdominal fat. In another study women taking calcium and vitamin D were significantly less likely to gain weight, and lost more weight than women on a placebo.

■Magnesium: without proper magnesium, you won’t’ have the energy to exercise as your cells can’t burn the fuel they need without it. It also helps the body absorb and utilize the nutrients you consume and ensures proper insulin function – improper insulin response is often a main culprit in weight gain.

■Vitamin C: research done at Arizona State University found that people with higher levels of vitamin C in their blood are correspondingly slimmer around the waist with better BMI and less fat in the blood. This was found to be because higher levels of vitamin C in the blood meant subjects burned fat at a faster rate during exercise.

■Vitamin K: again, insulin response is directly tied to weight levels. Studies have found that supplementing with vitamin K can improve insulin response within the first week.

■Lysine: It’s essential to the process of converting fatty acids into energy.

Quite frankly, there are very few weight loss supplements with this much science behind them.

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