No More Red W____ Krill Oil!


For the most part, we stay out of any discussions about pricing or inventory on the websites that sell the products we recommend. But we’ve heard from both aProvenProduct and StillSmilin that demand for Red W____ Krill Oil has completely wiped out all inventory. A quick check of finds they’re sold out, too. And the manufacturer informs us that it will be almost a full month before they can ship a fresh supply!

Even then both websites say that advanced orders are coming in so fast that the next shipment may be nearly sold out even before it arrives.

What in the world has caused this incredible, sudden spike in demand? We’re not sure, but it might have something to do with Dr. Oz. Our articles on his krill oil flip-flop have gotten a lot of traffic.

And this is why we stay out of things like inventory and profits. Because if we’d known they were about to run out, would it have affected our decision to say what we said? We’d like to think not, but still… it’s better not to have to even consider it.

Both aProvenProduct and StillSmilin will take pre-orders if you’re interested in reserving a bottle from the next shipment.

But for those of you who won’t want to wait, here’s a reminder of what you want to see on your krill oil label, so that the “next best thing” isn’t a complete waste of your money:

Serving Size: 1,000 MG
Phospholipids: 400Mg or more
EPA/ DHA: 150MG/ 90MG or more
Astaxanthin: 1.5 MG or more

This is your minimum standard. Good luck and we’ll keep you posted!

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