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I recently saw a quote on another website that calcium supplements are like a baby’s diaper – if you don’t have good absorption you’ve got a mess. And it’s absolutely true. (Whether their supplement was a mess or not is another story.) If the calcium supplement you take isn’t absorbed by your bones, its much worse than just wasting your money.

That’s why Calciology™ uses the form of calcium known as Calcium Citramate. It’s up to 30% more absorbable than plain calcium citrate. It’s simply the most well-studied and effective form of calcium available. And it has a whole host of other benefits.

For starters, Calcium Citramate is the only form of calcium that has actually been shown to reduce the risk of kidney stones. It’s performed much better than other forms of calcium in studies on bone health – helping children and adolescents build bones, adults keep existing bone mass, and the elderly reduce the risk of fractures.

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