Vitamin D, Upstaging a Superstar


There’s been so much science and so much press on Vitamin D over the last couple years that some may wonder if it’s nothing but hype. Well, it isn’t. Vitamin D has the “chops” to back up all the claims that have been made about it.

First off, vitamin D3 is absolutely essential to calcium absorption. Some scientists think it’s even more important to bone health than calcium. The two together are highly documented to reduce bone loss and fractures. But since most of us avoid sun exposure like the plague, hardly anyone gets enough D3 naturally.

Vitamin D plays a huge role in the regulation of your blood pressure – to the point that scientists can map the prevalence of Hypertension by distance from the equator. The farther you live from the equator, the less sunlight you get (and therefore the less vitamin D) and the greater your chances for high blood pressure. So it’s no surprise that supplementing with it has been shown to lower high blood pressure in many studies.

Every dose of Calciology™ contains 600 IU of vitamin D3.

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