Krill Oil Shows Weight Benefits

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We often talk about krill oil as a potent source of Omega-3s to benefit your heart but new research shows that krill oil also has substantial benefits for people with obesity related disorders.

Chief among them, according to a study by Aker BioMarine, shows that krill oil was able to suppress fat accumulation and prevented weight gain when given to rats on a high fat diet.  The study, performed at the University of Salento in Italy, used rats on low fat and high fat diets to see how krill oil would affect their metabolism.

The study was performed on rats, which means human study is still to be done, but this new research supports existing documentation of the benefits of krill oil supplements on your diet.

They found that krill oil was able to suppress the collection of large amounts of triglycerides and other fats inside liver cells despite a diet that is overly excessive in fat.

Similar studies have also found that krill oil has been shown to assist with obesity related inflammation and metabolism disorders.  Krill oil also helps support joint health among those suffering from obesity or joint problems.

Krill oil is the much more effective and potent cousin of more mainstream fish oil capsules.  Not only does krill oil provide a more effective source of Omega-3 fatty acids which helps support heart health, they also have a wide variety of effective active ingredients that regular fish oil capsules simply don’t.

Research consistently shows that Americans do not get the necessary amount of Omega-3s in their diet, as little as one-fifth recommended daily amount (250 mg per day).  This makes krill oil supplements that much more important, especially with these new potential benefits for people with high fat diets.


  1. lindacrosby says:

    I have been taking 5000 ui of vitimin D oil capusales for a year now and have gotten my vit.D up to 63 from 17,but I carry lots of weight around my belly. Do you think it would help if I took Krill oil. I live on very low income and would have to replace my vitimin D with the Krill as I could not afford both.Have any suggestions?

    • Geek7 says:

      Hi Linda. We are not doctors, just a group of people passionate about getting the most out of our health. Having said that, Normal vitamin D levels are above 30 ng/mL, according to guidelines set by The Endocrine Society. The Institute of Medicine recently raised the recommended daily intake to 600 IU for people aged 1-70 and to 800 IU for adults older than 70.

      While Red Whale Krill Oil is a powerful formula containing 1,000 mg Krill oil blend / 420 mg phospholids (bonded with Omega-3) / total Omega -3 Fatty Acids 300mg / EPA 150mg / DHA 90mg / Astaxanthin Esterified 2.5mg and 100IU of Vitamin A, there is no Vitamin D in the formula.

      I would recommend you check with your healthcare professional before adding and removing supplements.

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