Vitamin C Helps Protect Your Heart and Digestive Tract

heart health

A recent study by Arizona State University has found that daily supplements of vitamin C can have serious benefits when it comes to exercise.  Researchers found that adults taking a daily supplement of 500 mg of vitamin C have an average of 11 fewer heart beats during exercise.  A reduced heart rate isn’t just about putting less stress on the heart, it allows you to have more stamina because you were not exerting as much effort and therefore have less fatigue than an average person.

The study focused on 20 adults in their thirties with an average body mass index for four weeks.  Both the test group and control group were on the same calorie restricted diet and both groups lost an average of 4 kilogram.  The only real difference was a significantly lower heart rate that the test group experienced as compared to the control group.

Members of the test group were significantly less fatigued and were able to exercise longer without running out of breath.

Vitamin C is not just necessary for optimal health, it has major benefits for your heart.  Not only that, but it can also prevent irritation to the digestive tract when taking aspirin.  Aspirin is commonly taken daily by people who want to prevent heart disease.  At the same time, aspirin can be very damaging to your body and particularly your digestive tract.  The ascorbic acid in vitamin C prevents irritations in your digestive tract and allows you to continue taking aspirin without the nasty side effects.

Overall, vitamin C has shown significant benefits for cardiovascular health, particularly in its ability to lower blood pressure.  Since most of us only get enough vitamin C to prevent scurvy, it is important to supplement your diet to get the vitamin C you need for optimal health.

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