Study Finds Omega-3 Supplements Combat Depression In the Elderly

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New research adds to the many reasons why we should all be taking an omega-3 supplement. Many of us are already aware that omega-3 supplements boost heart health and lower triglycerides. But a study published in Nutrition Journal is now claiming that elderly patients who take an omega-3 supplement are less likely to become depressed than those who do not.

Much of the nation’s elderly struggle with depression and often times it goes undiagnosed. Those burdened with losing their independence struggle with allowing someone else to care for them. 43% of elderly nursing home patients are depressed coupled with 30% of acute care patients.  Forced to cope with loneliness, medical needs, physical disability and loss of cognitive function, elderly patients often slip into depression.

Using the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), researchers analyzed 46 depressed females between the ages of 66 and 95. 22 women received an omega-3 rich supplement of 2.5 grams per day; while 24 women received a placebo. The team reported its findings after eight weeks and determined that GDS score levels were significantly lower in those who were given the omega-3 supplement for two months.

Although the findings were conclusive with improving depression in geriatric patients, the improvements were not highly significant.  But with more research being done to develop the theory in the coming year, I suspect researchers will find more great uses for this mega supplement.

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