Green Coffee Beans: What is chlorogenic acid and why is it important?

One of the newest weight loss supplements on the market is green coffee bean extract and it has so far proved effective in supporting steady weight loss without severe calorie restriction or excessive exercise.

Although regular coffee extract has been used in several other supplements for its caffeine content, which can speed up metabolism, the green coffee bean uses the compound chlorogenic acid as its main active ingredient instead of caffeine. In the green coffee bean supplement, caffeine is present in such a small amount that the user doesn’t risk any adverse effects from it such as restlessness and “the jitters”.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound found in several plants, but its highest source is the coffee bean. It contains caffeic acid, which is an antioxidant and, as a compound, slows the release of glucose into the blood system. As the body has less spare glucose to use for energy, the liver then releases its fat stores, which are then used by the body for energy ( coffee weightloss). This has the added benefit of stopping the body from creating new fat cells as the existing fat stores are being used and there is less excess glucose in the blood stream.

As chlorogenic acid is broken down during the roasting process of coffee, you need to consume the raw coffee bean to get the full effects. It is also a continuous process. If you want to see significant results, you need to take the supplement three times a day in a relatively high amount, as it isn’t stored in your body. In clinical studies, this was found the most effective way of using the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans for weight loss (new evidence of effects of green coffee bean on weight loss).

As well as the intended weight loss results, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans can help reduce hypertension and help stabilise blood sugar levels. As it is an antioxidant, it can also protect against everyday cell damage. Although there have been recent studies to show a link between regular coffee consumption and a reduced risk of diabetes, the real star is the raw, green coffee bean as it still contains high enough levels of chlorogenic acid to make a significant impact on weight loss.

Chlorogenic acid is a completely natural compound, but it is recommended that you use a supplement made from organic coffee beans due to the pesticides that are used whilst growing the plants. It is also recommended that you pick a supplement that is around 500mg in size and doesn’t contain any fillers. This is because no additional ingredients are needed for you to reap the benefits of chlorogenic acid and fillers just do what the name suggests- take up space in your supplement.

One of the main advantages of chlorogenic acid is that your body is using less of the glucose than you are eating, so you lose weight without having to change your eating habits. This, coupled with the positive results so far in clinical trials, makes it an exciting and trial blazing supplement for all individuals.

We’ll be publishing a lot more info on green coffee bean over the coming days. For now, you can see the product we found to be among the best available here.

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