The Science Behind Green Coffee Bean

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One of the discussed supplements of the past year has been green coffee bean extract and, even though there are still trials and studies being conducted on it, it has so far it has shown impressive results. In a study conducted this year (new evidence on effects of green coffee beans in weight loss), 16 overweight people in the 22-26 year age bracket were given low and high doses of the supplement along with placebos in cycles over the course of 22 weeks. They followed a healthy, but not calorie-restrictive diet and were burning around 400 calories a day through exercise. The group averaged a weight loss of 17lbs and lost around 10 per cent of their body weight. Over the course of the study, the participants lost weight at a slightly faster pace whilst taking the high doses of the supplement, thus showing that it is effective in aiding weight loss.

Although a lot of weight loss supplements on the market use caffeine as a metabolism booster, it is believed that the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans is the active ingredient. Chlorogenic acid is one of the phenols found in coffee and is a chemical compound formed of caffeic acid, an antioxidant and L-quinic acid (chemical make up of chlorogenic acid). The chlorogenic acid works in two ways; it can stop the body absorbing some of the glucose from food and triggers the liver to metabolise stored fat. When the body has too much glucose (the most simple, broken down form of carbohydrates), any excess is stored as fat cells. As chlorogenic acid stops the body from absorbing all of the glucose from food, the body starts using existing fat cells for energy. This means that the person taking the supplement loses fat without having to eat any less or exercise more.

This compound is found in a much higher amount in the raw, green beans and not in the roasted, prepared beans as the compound is destroyed during the roasting process that is necessary to make coffee palatable (effect of roasting on coffee beans).

In the studies so far, the most effective way of using chlorogenic acid effectively is in a fairly large dose taken 3 times a day. Taking the supplement with each meal means that the chlorogenic acid can have an effect on all of the glucose that is eaten. Chlorogenic acid is broken down and absorbed by the body as it goes through the digestive system, so it is not stored in the body.

As chlorogenic acid can help the body to balance blood-sugar levels and aids weight loss by reducing glucose intake, it could potentially aid people with type 2 diabetes (green coffee bean extract fights obesity and diabetes). In a similar study using mice as the test subjects, it was found that chlorogenic acid could lower fat levels and obesity-related hormones in mice fed on a high-fat diet (effects of chlorogenic acid on obese mice). There is still further studies needed on chlorogenic acid to determine the long-term effects, but so far there have been no negative side effects reported and it has produced satisfactory results.

We’ll be publishing a lot more info on green coffee bean over the coming days. For now, you can see the product we found to be among the best available here.


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  1. doctac says:

    I am only 3-5 lbs overweight. I took green coffee bean extract for 30 days with NO weight loss but a constant stomach ache after first week. I have no problem with coffee or other caffeine products. I am very dissatisfied and have discontinued it’s use. These were “Pure Green Coffee” from Quest Labs purchased through Dr. Oz’s infomercial.

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