Red Whale Krill Oil Gets A New Name

The end of Red Whale Krill Oil

From the beginning, it seemed to be a bit too confusing. 

The idea behind the name “Red Whale” Krill oil was just a bit too clever. Blue whales are the largest mammal on earth, and they eat krill. But since this krill oil has extra astaxanthin (the ingredient in algae that gives salmon and flamingos their distinctive color).. any whale that ate this krill would turn red. 

When we started recommending Red Whale Krill Oil it made sense to us. But Over the last couple years we’ve gotten dozens of questions from customers wondering what whales have to do with this product. Does it come from whales? Why red ones?

Then the search engines started flagging sites that sold the product. The automated “bots” that scan web content saw “whale” and “oil” in the same sentence and assumed the product was illegally selling whale oil. Not cool. 

For the record, there has NEVER been any whale content in this product. It’s always been 100% krill oil blend, plus some added astaxanthin from algae. 

Finally, the manufacturer was convinced that this name was a bad idea. It may have been great marketing (its definitely something people remember) but it had to change. And now it has. 

Introducing Black Label Krill Oil™

Black Label Krill OilThe new name seems to us to be a better description of the product. “Black Label” is often the premium version of a product. That certainly applies to this krill oil, which takes the highest quality krill oil (with a full 42% phospholipid content) and adds extra astaxanthin for maximum potency. 

Black Label Krill Oil™ is available all the same places you’ve come to know and trust: – Get Black Label Krill Oil™

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  1. catherines says:

    I understand the main point–that this product does not contain whale oil. But I’m confused by the statement above that this product has “always been 100% krill oil” because, the ingredients list on the label includes (after Krill Oil), “Fish Oil from one or more of the following species: Anchovy, Mackerel, …”. Could you please clarify? Thanks.

    • Geek3 says:

      Thanks for pointing out the typo, Catherines! You are absolutely right that was a tad confusing, and it has been corrected.

      We meant to say that the product never contained whale oil, not that it ONLY contained krill because it does contain fatty acids from fish, and it is a blend.

      Have a great day!

      • catherines says:

        100% “blend” is not very informative! I found a post elsewhere on your site which states that this product “contains at least “42% Antanrctic krill oil phospholipids…” and that “More than half of the EPA and DHA come from krill”. I have to admit, since I bought the product thinking I was getting krill oil, period, this concerns me a bit. Wouldn’t a product that really is 100% krill oil be preferable? If not, why not? If so, is there one??? Thanks.

  2. Frosty Wooldridge says:

    As long as the new Black Label Krill Oil maintains my good looks, fabulous body, amazing mind and enthusiastic well being–I don’t care what you label that Krill Oil. You can call it anything you like, but don’t call it “Sue”. My wife and I love the benefits and utilize it every day of the month. Life and light and thanks for your continued research and excellence for our great health. Frosty Wooldridge, 6 continent world bicycle traveler,

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