What Is Captains Krill Oil?


So what is this new product we’re recommending?

It’s called Captains Krill Oil, and it’s got a very interesting story. You see, most krill oil is harvested in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica. Most of the time, the krill are either frozen and shipped to be processed, or the oil is extracted on ship and then shipped elsewhere to be encapsulated and bottled. 

Either way, you’re looking at a lot of time sitting around in drums. A lot of images like this (from an actual wholesale distributor website):

bulk krill

Why Captains Is Different

The difference with Captains Krill Oil is that the krill oil never sees the inside of a drum. 

“The Captain” harvests the krill, using safe, eco-friendly methods that eliminate unwanted marine life in the catch. This is fairly standard. But then it gets interesting.

Instead of extracting the oil and shipping it off to sit for who-knows-how-long in drums somewhere, The Captain has a small manufacturing facility right on his ship. The oil is encapsulated and bottled right there where it was caught. 

It’s processed in small batches and the finished product sent straight to retailers. So the wholesale distributor above never sees it. 

And that saves a lot of money.

All in all, we’re pretty excited about Captains. We hope you’ll check it out at the following retailers:

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