Beware Fake Krill Oil


Think the krill oil you’re getting for that bargain-basement price is going to help you? Think again. There is a serious problem in the marketplace with krill oil that may have something from a krill in it, but does not have the basic ingredients that make krill oil better than fish oil.

In other words, it’s just a pure waste of money. How can you spot it?

An executive from one of the major krill oil suppliers (although not the manufacturer of the product The Rag-Tag Research Geeks recommend) puts it like this :

Eric Anderson, vice president, sales marketing at krill oil giant Aker Biomarine Antarctic US, was speaking to following the publication of new research suggesting krill oil could beneficially regulate genes in the liver.

He said: “There is ‘krill oil’ on the market with just 0.5 percent phospholipids, whereas Antarctic krill oil contains about 24 percent omega-3 fatty acids and at least 40 percent phospholipids, to which the majority of the omega-3s are bound.

“What I find stunning is that some large marketing companies are buying this and effectively defrauding people because they think consumers don’t know any better.

“But it undermines everything we are trying to do.”

He added: “It’s good news that the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration are being more proactive [by cracking down on unscrupulous players in the dietary supplements trade] but all we can do right now is work with companies that are serious about quality and ensure that a serious product is getting on shelf.”

One of the reasons RagTagResearchGeeks was founded was to combat this exact type of fraud by supposedly reputable companies. For example, this product is by Puritan’s Pride:

This Is NOT Real Krill Oil

How do we know this is “fake” krill oil? Look at the numbers. As Mr. Andersen stated above, Krill oil should contain 40% phospholipids – with a 1,000 MG serving this product should contain 400 MG or more. Instead it contains only 5MG or 0.5%

Another clue is the fact that the label states the Omega-3 Fatty Acids are in the form of “natural triglycerides.” The entire point of Krill Oil is that the Omega-3’s are in the form of Phospholipids and therefore better absorbed. If the Omega-3’s are all bonded to triglycerides you might as well take fish oil.

Now the question is, HOW is this legal??

Unfortunately, it’s legal because technically Puritan’s isn’t lying. They really do have (we would assume) 1,000 MG of something that came from a krill in each capsule. Most likely it is from the waste processing stream – basically the “leftovers” of the process by which quality krill oil is extracted.

In other words, everything you’d take Krill Oil for has already been removed. It’s highly unlikely you’d get any benefits whatsoever from this product.

Quality Krill Oil is an expensive ingredient, so the fact that Puritan’s can offer this for as little as $8.79 each (for 5 bottles) is the final nail in the coffin. This is NOT what you’re looking for when you want a Krill Oil supplement.

Of course, Puritan’s Pride is by no means the only company offering this type of product. Like Mr. Anderson, we can only hope the FTC and FDA will take note. But we’re not holding our breath.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in an Krill Oil product that IS of the highest quality, check out Red W—- Krill Oil™ Here.

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