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Cognitive Decline and Memory Loss ARE NO LONGER An Inevitable Natural Part of Aging

Natural Support For Brain Health - RagTagResearchGeeks.comIt is perfectly normal to forget a name or appointment from time to time. It is also normal to have moments where concentration and focus are hard to come by.

We all have moments of forgetfulness. We brush them off as a senior moment… or brain fog… or fuzzy thinking…

But, for many people, memory loss and concentration problems are much more disruptive and debilitating. Severely compromising the quality of day-to-day life.

Worse yet, these short term memory lapses can sometimes be precursors to conditions we fear like Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.  This is particularly bothersome to anyone that has personally watched a loved one stripped of their memory, and literally robbed of their life, by Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Natural Support For Brain Health - RagTagResearchGeeks.comContrary to popular belief, it isn’t just seniors that are prone to serious memory problems. For some, pre-Alzheimer’s cognitive decline can begin as early as their 30s or 40s.  Symptoms can even manifest as soon as high school and college for some.

This is why its important that we all take preventive measures to protect our brain health… starting now!

Even if we’re just experiencing a few more of those “Where did I put my car keys?!” moments than usual.

We Have An Advantage That Previous Generations Before Us Did Not Have

We Now Understand How To Keep Cognitive Functioning Sharp For Years To Come…

Science and research has given us a better understanding of how the brain works. We also now understand the role that certain natural nutrients play in maintaining optimal brain health and functioning.

And guess what? We’re finally starting to understand that the modern Western diet is missing many of these nutrients.

It’s a good thing we live in an era where nutritional supplements can be developed to fill such voids.

Through diet and supplementation, we now have the ability to either slow or altogether prevent aged related cognitive decline.

And that’s not all! Countless studies and research conclude that taking care of our brain right now can reduce the chance of permanent brain damage from unforeseen head trauma to come. Surely good news for any mother worried about their child playing sports or a wife worried about their husband’s midlife Harley-Davidson purchase.

As a matter of fact, what we know about brain health today is good news for everyone…

The Baby Boomer generation concerned about age related cognitive decline and memory loss…

Students wanting better focus and memory retention for improved scholastic performance…

Athletes or adventure seekers concerned about the potential of permanent brain damage from head trauma and concussions…

It’s All About Feeding Our Brain…

BANG!  Brain Health - Western Diet and Brain Health - Seems simple enough but let’s face it. With the typical “on the go” Western diet of fast food chains, and loads of processed foods, sugars, and junk food, very few of us are eating tons of daily fish, nuts, soy, greens, and avocados to get our brain the healthy nutrients it needs.

Complicating matters much more is the fact that much of our livestock today is corn or grain fed rather than grass fed, eliminating the brain healthy omega-3s that we once got from the meat and dairy we consumed.

This means we’re getting way more omega-6s than omega-3s.

This imbalance, coupled with those aforementioned lack of nutrients, is making us miserable, scatter brained, and forgetful.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some nutrients the Rag-Tag Research Geeks think can put the BANG! back in your short and long term memory – now and for years to come!

VITAMIN E – A Powerful Antioxidant Enhancing Cognitive Performance

Did you know that many common neurological problems might come from poor nerve conduction brought on from a deficiency in Vitamin E? Vitamin E For Brain Health -

Alpha-tocopherol is the most common form of Vitamin E. There is perhaps no stronger lipid phase antioxidant than Alpha-tocopherol. Considering that the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia are linked to oxidative stress in the body, it has been suggested that the antioxidant properties of Alpha-tocopherol can improve cognitive performance by neutralizing free radicals.

But The Full Spectrum Of Vitamin E Is Needed For True Neuroprotection

Most multivitamins only have Vitamin E in alpha-tocopherol form but we can’t rely on that alone. The Vitamin E family is comprised of tocotrienols and tocopherols. Each of these fat-soluble antioxidants is available in four forms – alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. For brain health, the presence of each form of Vitamin E is necessary.

A recent European study found that higher blood levels of all forms could significantly reduce mild cognitive impairment.

Gamma tocopherol also helps control neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. And tocotrienols are even more potent than tocopherols in preserving cognitive function and defending against Alzheimer’s disease.

OMEGA 3- Elevates Mood – Keeps Brain Youthful And Cognitively Sharp

Omega-3 Sources - Boost!  Brain Health - RagTagResearchGeeks.comA study analyzing the cognitive performance and diet of 1475 subjects, all of whom were 55 years old or older, concluded that those taking an omega-3 supplement were 63% less likely to show signs of cognitive decline 1.5 years later.

Another study involving 1575 subjects, mostly in their mid-to-late 60s, showed those with low omega-3 blood levels had lower brain volume, signs of advanced aging, and significant cognitive decline – tending to score lower on tests involving visual memory, problem solving, multitasking, and abstract thinking.

Coincidentally, Alzheimer’s patients have low omega-3 blood levels. Depressed individuals also have chronically low omega-3 levels.

Science suggests that taking an omega-3 supplement, particularly one loaded with DHA, at the onset of cognitive impairment can significantly improve brain function, slow cognitive decline, and enhance mood.

Even omega-3 deficient children show improvements in communication, reading comprehension, fine motor skills, social behavior and development with omega-3 supplementation.

Phosphatidylcholine -Required In The Production Of An Important Brain Neuotransmitter

The human body can produce small amounts of the mineral choline on its own. However, to maintain good health, we also need to acquire some choline through diet. This can be accomplished through daily consumption of soy, eggs and meat. Grains, fruits, and vegetables also have trace amounts of choline. Phosphatidylcholine - BANG!  Brain Health -

Choline is necessary for the creation of a brain neuotransmitter called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine concentrations decrease during the normal aging process. Those sporadic short-term memory lapses we notice more as we get older are likely the result of this decrease in acetylcholine.

While such memory gaps are benign and non-debilitating, it should be noted that acetylcholine levels can drop by as much as 90% by the time Alzheimer’s is diagnosed.

The idea behind supplementing phosphatidylcholine as we get older is to counter this age related decrease in phosphatidylchoine – accelerating brain activity, facilitating cellular signaling, and enhancing memory.

Curcumin -Inhibits Neurodegenerative Diseases Like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

BANG!  Brain Health - Curcumin Inhbits Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Development - RagTagResearchGeeks.comCurcumin, spice tumeric’s principle component, has long been renowned for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and free-radical scavenger properties.

But curcumin also inhibits the formation of destructive alpha-synuclein proteins. It does this by attaching to them, preventing clumping, and raising the folding and reconfiguration rate of the protein. This rescues the proteins from accumulation and stalls the early manifestation of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

CoQ10 – Positively Supports Mitochondrial Dysfunction Diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

BANG! Brain Health - CoQ10 Supplementation Helps Support Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Patients - RagTagResearchGeeks.comA 16-month study in 2002, published in the Archives of Neurology, found slower brain deterioration in subjects with Parkinson’s disease who had supplemented CoQ10.

The reason for this is unclear but researchers suspect that CoQ10 has an effect on mitochondrial function. Both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease are the result of mitochondrial dysfunction.

In fact, patients with Alzheimer’s disease commonly have a deficiency in CoQ10. In the July 2009 edition of the “Journal of Molecular Science”, a study was published revealing that amyloid plaques, which are free floating amyloid proteins and neuron pieces characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, can be significantly reduced with CoQ10 supplementation.

Phosphatidylserine – Rejuvenates Brain Cell Membranes To Reduce The Risk of Dementia and Cognitive Decline, Even Improving Scholastic Performance

BANG! Brain Health - Phosphatidylserine in Soy Enhances Brain Function - RagTagResearchGeeks.comPhosphatidylserine is a phospholipid. Phospholipids are molecules present in every cell within the human body. They consist of the essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and amino acids as well. While phosphatidylserine plays a part in various bodily functions, no organ or tissue relies on it as much as the human brain, where it is vital to billions of brain cells.

Because of this, phosphatidylserine is believed to…

• Reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive dysfunction
• Boost memory retention of read/written information, names, faces, and numbers
• Heighten concentration and focus
• Alleviate symptoms of depression by improving or stabilizing mood
• Decrease stress, helping the body adapt to stressful situations
• Reverse aging of the brain by up to 10+ years
• Improve scholastic learning abilities and performance

Quercetin – An Apple A Day Takes The Brain A Long Way

BANG! Brain Health - Quercetin For The Brain - RagTagResearchGeeks.comQuercetin is a flavonoid found predominantly in the skin of red apples, in addition to blueberries, certain teas, onions, and cranberries. This antioxidant neutralizes harmful free radicals. If left untreated over time, these free radicals may cause cumulative cell damage that leads to the development of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other instances age-related memory loss and cognitive decline.

The Rag-Tag Research Geeks Have Found A Supplement Guaranteed To Put The BANG! Back In Your Mental Sharpness

A formula created specifically to protect, repair, and renew brain cells with EVERYTHING we’ve just learned about…

BANG! Brain Health - Promotes Focus, Memory, & Mental Energy -

This powerful formula packs proven natural ingredients that are formulated specifically for optimal brain support.

Formulated by acclaimed neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, renowned for his extensive experience with craniocerebral trauma patients, in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Maroon, Bang! Brain Health is an all-natural solution for anyone concerned about his or her long term brain health, mental focus, or potential memory loss.

One look at the label tells you that Bang! Brain Health has all of the previously mentioned nutrients necessary for advanced brain health.

BANG! Brain Health Product Label -

• The fastest acting and most bioavailable DHA Omega-3, phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidlycholine; all three known to support brain health…

• Powerful antioxidants and bio-actives – like CoQ10, Curcumin, Quercetin, Tocotrienol and more – specifically formulated to support brain cell fluidity…

• The patented VESIsorb® colloidal droplet delivery system to enhance the absorption of these vital brain health nutrients.

Bang! Brain Health Features…

GammaSource ® Naturally Mixed Tocopherols

This is a concentrate of pure mixed-tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) derived directly from plant-source oils. No Additives, Fillers, Colorants, Wheat or Gluten! GammaSource ® Naturally Mixed Tocopherols provide the full spectrum of Vitamin E with all four of the tocopherols commonly found in food!

OmegaChoice® Omega-3s

Essential fatty acids must be obtained through diet as they cannot be synthesized by the human body. OmegaChoice® Omega-3 EPA/DHA focuses on the purest all-natural triglyceride form of fish oil, and less on the ethyl ester form that doesn’t occur naturally. Triglyceride is the superior form. It is much more bioavailable for absorption than the ethyl ester form.

CoQsource® Natural Coenzyme Q10

Not only do our CoQ10 levels drop as we get older but our body can no longer manufacture CoQ10 as it did in our younger years. CoQ10 levels in the bloodstream are also significantly lowered by the effects of statin drugs, commonly prescribed for high cholesterol.

This necessitates CoQ10 supplementation, however, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients also decreases as we get older.

Bang! Brain Health’s VESIsorb® delivery system increases bioavailability of this patented CoQSource® formula. This means the CoQ-10 is absorbed better when it meets fluids in the stomach. This delivery system makes it up to seven to ten times more potent than standard CoQ10 supplements sold at stores.

TocoSource® Naturally Mixed Palm Tocotrienols

TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols is perhaps the most potent tocotrienol product sold today. The TocoSource production is solvent free, without the esterification of the palm oil utilized by other companies. TocoSource has lower alpha-tocopherol and higher levels of gamma and delta-tocotrienol for a superior profile.

NOW Is The Time For Bang! Brain Health

Think of it this way. If you’ve ever watched someone you care for suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, or cognitive decline in general, ask yourself this. If you could go back in time and possibly help that person avoid the condition they were afflicted with, would you? This is why NOW is the time for a nutritional supplement like Bang! Brain Health! Memory loss and cognitive decline DOES NOT have to be in your future or the future of anyone else!

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