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What Really Causes Osteoporosis?

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Ask 99% of the world that question and a good chunk will say not enough calcium combined with aging. But new evidence suggests that conventional wisdom may be wrong.

And it all comes from deer antlers. Read more

Research Geeks On The Radio: Bone Health

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Last night I once again had the priviledge of being on the radio with Dr. Veronica on Wellness For The REAL World. The topic this time was Bone Health, a subject you all know is near and dear to my heart. Other guests included Dr. John Cannell, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council. You can listen to the whole show after the jump, as well as get some free downloads I offered on the show: Read more

Osteoporosis Myths That Kill Women


Think you know all the facts when it comes to preventing osteoporosis?

In this fun and engaging podcast, Dr Sharon Livingston discoveres the shocking truth!

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Bone Health Warning: Beware Heartburn Meds

Yet another prescription medication with detrimental effects to our bones.

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If you’re taking medication for GERD, you need to counter these effects with an effective calcium supplement .

Seizing the Day and Osteoporosis


I came across this great article about a woman who made her bodybuilding debut at the age of 57. 

When she reached her early 50s, Bonnie Ave had a bone-density test done. At 56, she had a follow-up test, which revealed she was at risk for osteoporosis.

One solution? Begin regular weight training.

“My doctor said my numbers were not good,” Ave recalled. “So I decided to go into bodybuilding.” Read more

Calcium Supplements and Fractures

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Does taking a calcium supplement really make a difference? Or is it one of those things that are kind of like basic liability car insurance – most never use it so it’s OK to get the basic version, as long as you’re covered?

Well, turns out calcium supplements are a whole different kind of insurance policy. More like an investment, actually. Read more

Top 5 Osteoporosis Myths

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So there are a lot of myths out there about osteoporosis. Here are five of the top myths about osteoporosis. How many of them have you fallen for? Read more

Osteoporosis and Soda


How many of you drink soda? Okay, a lot of us do. Now, how many of you drink a cola or a diet cola? Have you ever thought about soda and osteoporosis?

Me neither. My soda of choice is cola. I’ve been trying to cut back on soda for years, because of the calories and sugar, but I just came across some research that has me convinced that I need to really watch my cola consumption… Read more

Bone Health and Vitamin K

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So, have you heard of vitamin K? It’s not a surprise if you haven’t – we just don’t seem to get a lot of news about it, but it turns out that vitamin K can do some great things.

Vitamin K is best known for playing a vital role in helping blood clot and for preventing excessive bleeding. It turns out that vitamin K also has an impact on hardened arteries. For instance, researchers found that women with aortic atherosclerosis have lower intakes of vitamin K. Read more

Calcium Supplements Aren’t Working


We faithfully take calcium supplements because they’re good for us. But are they actually working? Are we wasting our money?

Find out what calcium supplements are actually doing for us in this short clip from our webinar, “Why Your Calcium Supplement Could Be Endangering Your Health. Read more