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Garcinia Cambogia : What Is It & How Does it Work?


I read through the information, for the third time.  It was still garble to my non-scientific brain.  Even with all the research I do, it often takes me several times to decipher the codes scientist write in.  I rubbed my eyes and headed for the coffee maker – again.  It was going to take another cup of caffeine to help me with translation. 

I know you can relate.  Too many times, we find ourselves staring at a page filled with words that seem more like a riddle than information.  This particular riddle is known as Garcinia Cambogia.  It’s now the biggest supplement craze in the country.  A craze that began when a particularly popular TV Doc called it “the Holy Grail of Weight Loss” on his insanely popular TV talk show.  So what is it?  Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit shaped very similar to a pumpkin. And lately, the extract from this little fruit is all the rage in the weight loss arena.

According to the hype, the natural extract from the rind of the fruit (Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA) could hasten weight loss efforts.  Some researchers claim that HCA can double or even triple weight loss.

But, first things first – It’s important to understand that not all Garcinia Cambogia Extracts are created equal.  Only high quality Garcinia Cambogia like used in studies will offer the chance at the results shown in the research.

To be more specific, it must be 100% pure (not synthetic) and have a high concentration of the active ingredient, HCA, with no fillers, binders or added ingredients.

Why is a high concentration of Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) needed? Because in clinical studies a high concentration was found to be effective.   One particular study, that can be found in the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Journal, shows that participants lost a significant amount of body fat and explains that calcium can decrease the absorption of HCA which hinders its effectiveness.

While many supplements exert only one effect on the body, Garcinia Cambogia sets itself apart as having many possible benefits.  In addition to aiding in weight loss, research also states that HCA has been shown to increase serotonin availability, reduce appetite, increase fat oxidation, improve blood lipid levels, and reduce body weight.

What does this mean for us?  In English (non-scientifically put), the fat that we store in unwanted places actually happens because of unused energy which is converted by enzymes into fatty deposits.  The HCA in Garcinia Cambogia works by blocking these enzymes and preventing the formation of these fatty deposits (fat oxidation).

Consequently, the body starts to burn these stored fat cells by breaking down their protective proteins, known as perilipin. This allows fat deposits to be released and burned for energy rather instead of settling on our hips!  I know, every woman likes the sound of that.

So, by taking Garcinia Cambogia, we are burning the fat we have stored and preventing more fat from forming.  HCA gives your metabolism the boost it needs to break down more fat and it blocks enzymes that convert energy to fat. 

Now the question is, how do you know you’re getting the quality Garcinia Cambogia needed to do the job?  That’s where we come in.  Our awesome team of Rag Tag Geeks have done the research for you.  As always, we seek out the highest quality version (based on scientific research) and that’s the product we recommend.  You can find our recommendation for Garcinia Cambogia here.

Oh, and, as always, we give you the facts in English.  Caffeine is optional.  


Garcinia Cambogia: 5 Things You Need to Know


We all know the person who’s bounced around all the fad diets and supplements. Some of us may even be that person. Linda was that person. Her coworkers laughed when she showed up with gallons of cabbage soup, and even she felt a little ridiculous during the whole “Russian Air Force” phase.

It’s easy to yuk it up at people like Linda, and she was fully aware at how absurd some of the weight loss tactics she tried were. It didn’t matter to her; she wasn’t out to win a popularity contest, she wanted to lose weight. 

Determination is a beautiful thing, because eventually Linda found what she was looking for. Garcinia cambogia is an ancient fruit that has rapidly grown in popularity as a health supplement of late. It turned out to be the missing element she was looking for. Her meals were smaller, yet also leaving her feeling more full.

Within months she was down 20 pounds, and done with the fads.

Chances are you’re here because you heard about garcinia cambogia from someone on television, or you personally know a success story like Linda’s. But you’re looking for more info, as well you should.

Here are the five most important things you need to know about garcinia cambogia:

  1. The active ingredient in garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a type of citric acid also found in hibiscus plants.
  2. The general expectation is that HCA will work on two fronts: help your body fight off fat and curb your appetite through increased leptin and serotonin levels. Basically, whatever you eat, you’ll crave less of it.
  3. Not all HCA products are created equal. When evaluating a garcinia supplement, look for 65% HCA, not the standard, less-effective 60%. Also, many weight loss products (such as Hydroxycut) offer HCA mixed in with other elements that can have adverse effects on certain people.
  4. Recent studies have shown garcinia to aid in insulin resistance, as well as having a positive effect on serotonin levels (which play a role in controlling mood, and therefore emotion-related eating that can come with it)
  5. It’s commonly used in Asian cooking, particularly curries, and is also known as the Malabar tamarind (not to be confused with tamaricus indica, the more common type of tamarind).

We’re learning more about garcinia cambogia every day, and all signs point to it being an effective aid in your battle to lose weight responsibly.

And like Linda, you’re smart for doing your research. If only the internet had been available in the 1980s, she might not have had to fight through those long days of nothing but boiled chicken gizzards. 

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Garcinia Cambogia – Cleaning Up The West One Pound At A Time

Garcinia Cambogia

Welcome to Harper’s Gully, Texas. That’s what the sign said on the outskirts of town, with its bullet holes and blood stains.  The population used to be three hundred and twenty six but today, it was three hundred and twenty five.  You see, Harper’s Gully used to be a wonderful place to live. Children playing in the streets. A healthy mining industry keeping all the local men employed and their families fed.

That was before Bill McStevens and his band of thugs known as the Dead Bandits Society showed up. Wild Bill had scared off more than a dozen sheriffs and buried more than that. The people were terrified and those that tried to leave were shot in the streets. Bill needed the townsfolk to work the mine and he’d do anything to keep the power (and the money) flowing into his posse’s hands.

Well, everyone has a day of reckoning. Even Wild Bill McStevens.  On this hot and dry August day, that started like any other in that long, brutal summer, a stranger rose into town.  Isn’t that how it always starts? A stranger with his hat tipped low and his white horse trotting along at a measured pace. 

The man wore a long thick leather coat, concealing his two Colt revolvers on either side of his waist.  His five o’clock shadow moved back and forth from the wheat grass he was chewing in between his lips. As the mysterious man made his way into town, the folks scuttled into their shops and homes, closing shutters as fast as they good.

Wild Bill didn’t take kindly to strangers.  The town knew it. The mysterious man riding in just didn’t care.

What in the heck is garcinia cambogia? It sounds like a character on an old wild west show, right? Well, its name actually comes from a plant that resembles a small greenish pumpkin (called the gummi-gutta) and it may hold the power to deliver some amazing health benefits to you.

The BIG deal with this newer supplement is that it has been linked in many studies over with weight loss. From rats to humans, everyone seems to be shedding pounds when taking this. Lets take a quick look at how that can be. 

Citrate Lyase is an enzyme that signals to the body to store fat.  Studies have shown in rats that supplementing with garcinia cambogia actually slowed down the creation of this enzyme, thus helping the rats shed some weight naturally.This is hypothesized to be due to the main ingredient  in the plant, Hydroxycitrate. 

Another reason this new supplement has researchers excited is by supporting the body’s ability to create serotonin, it seems to be helping with cravings for food (Come on, what diet doesn’t come with those nasty cravings for food, right? You do great for a few weeks and then your husband whips out your favorite ice cream and begins to eat it in front of you?)

By helping up the levels of serotonin , thus lowering your desire to give in to the bad foods in life,  its a no brainer why this is potentially exciting! Researchers at the Creighton University school of Pharmacy in Nebraska studied this very idea. Their study showed that as the rats in their studies increased the supplementation of garcinia cambogia, their appetites went way down.

Everybody (and everything) has its day of reckoning. Today it may finally be fat’s day to answer to the music. The sheriff has arrived and it’s name is garcinia cambogia.

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How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that looks something like a pumpkin. It’s used commonly in cooking and traditional remedies.

The Western part of society is just now finding out about this all-natural extract – and people flew into a frenzy trying to find Garcinia Cambogia supplements when one famous TV doctor called it “the Holy Grail”.

“Garcinia is an exceptionally effective fat buster,” says Dr. Rich Scheckenbach, a research scientist. “It inhibits the production of fat in the body… and when the body isn’t making fat, it’s burning fat.”

One study from Japan showed that over 12 weeks, garcinia cambogia “significantly reduced visceral, subcutaneous, and total fat areas.” (Visceral fat is around your organs; subcutaneous is ‘superficial’ fat right beneath the skin, like below your arms.)

Garcinia Cambogia works in two ways: First, it suppresses your appetite so you eat less Then, it blocks the formation of new fat. The important thing to remember is it’s not the garcinia itself that has this action, it’s the hydroxycitic acid (HCA) it contains.1

HCA suppresses your appetite through an increase in the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is an important hormone that regulates mood and sleep. By increasing serotonin levels the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia helps stop emotional eating by improving your mood and suppressing your drive to react to stress by eating.

No wonder Dr. Oz referred to it as, “The holy grail of weight loss!”


What Did Dr. Oz



Don’t be fooled by websites that try to twist the Dr’s words to fit their product.

1- He never endorses ANY specific brand.

2- Look for a minimum of 50% or more HCA. In a recent update on his website, he says that adding potassium does seem to be more effective.

3- Take no more than 3,000 mg per day and do not accept any fillers or added ingredients.