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Move Over Jack Sparrow, Sea Buckthorn has Arrived!

Seabuckthorn berries

 “Just pick one already, Fiona. A cat is a cat.” Henry was getting annoyed with his wife as she slowly toured up and down the aisles of the shelter, carefully examining each homeless feline as she went.  Fiona blocked out Henry’s voice and concentrated on her task at hand.

Some were young. Some were old. Some looked mean. Some looked cold. But each one wasn’t just a cat to Fiona. Each one deserved her attention and consideration. After all, this was a responsibility that would last a long time.

Finally she came across “Lacey.”  That’s what the cage said. Lacey was a tiger cat, her fur was dark grey with black stripes. She immediantly came up to the side of the cage and began to rub her torso back and forth, craving Fiona’s attention. 

“That one is fat,” Henry said. He was never a cat person.

Fiona slowly opened the cage to get a better look and see if “Lacey” was friendly. It wasn’t long before the cat was in Fiona’s arms, her soft chest purring for more affection.

“Perfect.” Fiona scooped up “Lacey” and made her way to the front of the shelter to finalize the adoption.

“Wait a minute. That one looks lazy. We really want a lazy cat?” Henry’s voice was beginning to grate on Fiona’s nerves just a tad too much.

“Did I really want a lazy husband?” 

“Hey, I’m not lazy!” His reaction was very defensive as he thought of the lawn at home, its length a little higher then normal. 

“Henry stop being such a grouch all the time. Maybe a new pet would be exactly what you need.”

It’s hard to change what you are. Sometimes motivation and drive isn’t enough.  Changing your body is a whole different animal. It doesn’t want to get rid of that stubborn fat. It doesn’t want to lift heavy weights and feel that burn. Sea Buckthorn (and the secret ingredient of Omega 7) may help change your body’s “attutude” on keeping those old ways. It may be a natural way to reprogram your innards to better compliment your outards.

The Secret Weapon – Omega 7 (Palmitolic Acid)

Unlike Omega 3’s (our favorite around here) Omega 7’s can be made by the body so we don’t necessarily need to eat them. However more and more exciting research is showing that supplementing with Omega 7’s may really help in a more then a few areas of your health.

One such study at the Center Research Institute in Japan recently concluded and its findings were amazing:

–        all the mice who were given this supplement lost weight

–        most of them saw decreases in cholesterol levels 

Sea Buckthorn (no, that’s not a famous pirate) also has been linked to other benefits as well. Check these out:

  • may help moisturize your skin
  • supports the digestive system and enzyme production
  • may help curb overeating

That’s what I call an “all in one” approach to getting healthier! Out of the many choices out there and so much information to discern through,  sometimes you come across the “one.” Sea Buckthorn may be the one for you. Its future is exciting in the health industry. Your body doesn’t want to change. With this Omega 7 packed supplement, it may not have a choice.

Rag-Tag Research Geek Recommendation

 Life Oil™ Sea Buckthorn contains 100% organic berry and seed oils, sourced straight from the Himalayas..Unlike many other brands, it contains a full 30-day supply at 2,000 MG per day.

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What to expect with Life Oil Sea Buckthorn


After the first couple of weeks, the first thing people seem to notice is more energy, followed closely by noticeably softer and more supple skin. Over time, some even say their skin begins to take on a healthy glow. If you have any problems with rosacea or dermatitis, these too are usually noticeably improved within the first few weeks.

Many have also said they’ve lost as much as a pound a week with no other changes to their diet or exercise routine. A Finnish study found that women who took the oils in Life Oil™ lost an average of 1.1 CM around their waists over a 30 day period. Once again, this was accomplished with no dieting and exercise at all. Results like this are practically unheard of for an all natural dietary supplement.

Of course, if you really want to see changes to your waistline, a healthy diet and exercise routine will make Life Oil™ that much more effective.

Sea Buckthorn: B12 You Can Use


The folks across the Pond in the UK are pretty excited that Sea Buckthorn is hitting their store shelves. According to a story in the Express:

The new Sea Buckthorn berry is the only plant food in which the vitamin, usually only present in animal or dairy products, is naturally found in a form which humans can absorb. 

With 424 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B 12, which is essential for creating red blood cells in the body, in just one serving, it has been billed as one of the world’s healthiest fruits. 

It is also one of the only naturally rich sources of Omega 7, which is a vital anti-inflammatory and can make the body more sensitive to insulin, helping people who are overweight.

Independent nutritionist Angela Dowden said: “Those most at risk of a shortage of vitamin B 12 are vegans and the older people, but it is a very important nutrient for everyone. B 12 helps maintain a healthy nervous system and in conjunction with other B vitamins, is important for protecting against the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

“It also helps, along with vitamin B6 and folic acid, to keep down levels of homocysteine, a substance in the blood that has been linked with dementia and cognitive decline in later life. Omega 7 is one of the lesser well known fatty acids, but it is thought to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties.”



Antioxidants Lead To Fewer Strokes


Turns out Mom had more of a point than she knew when she told you to eat your veggies.

A new study in the journal Stroke has found that diets rich in antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and whole grains appear to lower a woman’s odds for a stroke, even if she has a prior history of heart disease. Read more

Sea Buckthorn: New Miracle Berry


Why is Sea Buckthorn poised to become the hottest nutrient for 2012 and beyond?

How do you find a Sea Buckthorn product that works? And have the Rag-Tag Research Geeks recommended one?

The video below explains it all: Read more

Supplements to Lower High Blood Pressure


Last night I was honored to be a guest on Wellness For The REAL World with Dr. Veronica on BlogTalkRadio. Other guests included Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone Diet.

The subject was lowering blood pressure naturally, and there were lots of great ideas shared by the different guests for lowering blood pressure naturally. We’ve got both the full hour and my segment below:  Read more