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Bananas as Good as Gatorade For Sports Performance


A recent study that monitored 14 trained male cyclists under age 45 has found that bananas are equally beneficial to sports performance as the popular sports drink Gatorade. The study, aptly titled ‘Bananas and Exercise Metabolism’, was performed to research how Gatorade, which is the drink of choice of most athletes, stacks up against more natural fruit alternatives in giving athletes that extra metabolic kick.

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Supplements To Take For Better Hair Health


We all want thicker, healthier hair, but whether because of genetics, processing, or poor diet, we often have to combat thinning, gray, or over-processed hair.  Luckily, there are a number of supplements that we can take to level the playing field and get your hair growing thicker, shinier, and even darker.

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Sinless Cocktails and Treats?


By Tamara Jacobi

The holidays are coming! Friends, family, treats and temptation are sure to be bountiful. Why not add a healthy twist to your holiday treats? Are healthy margaritas and brownies too good to be true? Lucky for us, the answer is no! I highly recommend that you give these simple recipes a try.  Not only are they healthy, they’re tasty too!

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Study Finds Omega-3 Supplements Combat Depression In the Elderly

Brain Health Supplements -

New research adds to the many reasons why we should all be taking an omega-3 supplement. Many of us are already aware that omega-3 supplements boost heart health and lower triglycerides. Read more

Best Snacks for Healthy Weight Loss


By Tamara Jacobi

Can snacking actually help you lose weight? Potentially . . . if you’re a smart snacker!

The jury is out as to whether or not the act of snacking itself supports weight loss; everyone is unique in this regard. For some, snacking is largely responsible for those extra pounds (snacks are a common source of extra calories). For others, snacking is essential for keeping the tummy from rumbling, ensuring that energy levels stay high, and preventing over-eating.

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Get fit fast by “bursting”


By Tamara Jacobi 

Want to get fit but always short on time? You might be happy to hear that a short blast of intense exercise has been proven to be even better for you than extensive workouts.  Surprised? Welcome to the world of burst training, where high intensity intervals—high-speed jumping jacks, sit-ups, sprints and more—are the name of the game. The best part? Burst training means you can spend less time exercising and be fitter than ever. Too good to be true?

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Why You Should Keep Taking Calcium and Vitamin D


Much to the shock of many medical experts, a government advisory panel recently recommended that people stop taking vitamin D and calcium supplements.  Before you go clearing your medicine box, let’s take a look at how the study was done and how it matches up with years of research to support daily vitamin D and calcium supplement intake.  Read more

Crazy for Coconut Oil!

coco oil

By: Tamara Jacobi

Coconut oil had a very bad reputation for a very long time. Many accused coconuts oil of causing weight gain, heart disease and more due to its high content of saturated fats.  Ready for the truth? Studies now show that coconut oil is actually a powerful healing food that is wonderfully good for us! Here are 3 great reasons why you might want to start adding coconut oil to your shopping list.   Read more

Top 5 Foods for Simple Detoxing


By: Tamara Jacobi


As the fall approaches, now is a good time to start thinking about treating your body to a gentle cleanse.  The changing seasons often inspire a fresh, healthy start.  Yet, for many an intense detox might be too much to take on. The good news? There are some simple (and tasty!) foods that you can include in your diet regularly that support you body with gentle and natural cleansing. Be sure to add these 5 foods to your fall shopping list!

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Skipping Meals Leads To More Carbs, Calories


A recent study by the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell has found that people who skip meals or fast are more likely to start their next meal with high-calorie carbohydrates and starches. Not only are these pesky breads and fries a natural enemy of your waistline, they cause you to eat more than you normally would during a meal.  Read more