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Geeks at Sundance Film Festival

Here are some of our resident Geeks as  they make an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival to share the Simply Raspberry Ketones



ALERT: Do Not Be Deceived By This Raspberry Ketones Company…

It’s pretty rare that we call out a specific company or website here. But a new raspberry ketones website has come to our attention that is soo egregious (yet so deceptively appealing) that we have to say something.

What we’re about to say may seem a bit pointed. But we take it very seriously – very personally in fact – when people so blatantly try to be deceptive when trying to sell nutritional supplements to people we consider our friends.

Part of our mission here is to protect people from fraud. Thousands of people lost millions of dollars on “free trial” acai berry scams. And now that raspberry ketones are so incredibly popular, we want to do all we can to keep that from happening again. So if we seem a bit too abrasive here, we do apologize. But this kind of thing makes us very angry.

What Has Us So Upset?

The site is “certified raspberry ketones”. And straight off the bat there are 3 blatant lies.

#1: “Since 2003.” This is an attempt to make you think this is an established company. Yet according to the WhoIs Internet Database ( the site was only registered in March of 2012.

#2: “The only place to buy real & certified raspberry ketones.” We know of at least one other place for REAL raspberry ketones. We have no idea who they claim has “certified” this product.

#3: “100% Pure Product.” When you look at their label (which you’ll see below) you’ll see this product is nothing more than the typical, watered down blend these fly-by-night sites nearly always offer.

The Rag-Tag Research Geeks Investigate

When the Rag-Tag Research Geeks started digging into this site, we found it’s owned by Custom Health Labs. They show up prominently in search engine results and are generating a ton of traffic to their raspberry ketones website.

On the surface, its easy to understand why someone wanting to shed unwanted pounds may look at this site and be convinced that this product is the real deal. But it takes some geeks to look beyond the presentation.

First, the company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. That’s not good.

Second, let’s examine their product label.

Be Careful Who You Buy Raspberry Ketones From - RagTagResearchGeeks.comAs you can see, this is one of those brands marketing themselves as some sort of premium fat-burning antioxidant blend. There is also some manipulation with the serving size. Most people see 600mg of raspberry ketones. Most companies offer 500mg of ketones per CAPSULE. The human equivalent of what mice were given in the research studies that confirmed raspberry ketones ability to burn fat even with a high-fat diet. But, if you notice, that serving size is two capsules. So that’s only 300mg of raspberry ketones per capsule. And its doubtful these are pure 100% natural raspberry ketones that work!

As for the other stuff… they can pretty much market the same product as african mango, acai berry, or a green tea supplement. Of course, it would be as ineffective as their raspberry ketones product, even with those other labels.

But What About The Testimonials – Real People Are Using This And Dropping Weight!

Endrew - A Real Custom Health Labs Raspberry Ketones Supplement UserEndrew, from London who doesn’t usually submit testimonials – until he dropped weight with their raspberry ketones brand.

But as you can see to your left, Endrew has been appearing on weight loss sites for years under different names. How can he deceive Custom Health Labs like that?

Suzzy - A Real (?) Custom Health Labs Raspberry Ketones Supplement User

Click to enlarge to see how many weight loss sites Suzzy – a real Custom Health Labs Raspberry Ketones supplement customer – has been pictured on.

There is also Suzzy, who lost 93 pounds during the period of 103 days on Custom Health Labs raspberry ketones supplement.

But as you can see to your left, Suzzy has been appearing on weight loss sites going all the way back to 2009. How can she deceive Custom Health Labs like that?

Hopefully Custom Health Labs (and “CertifiedRaspberryKetones” won’t deceive YOU now!

Looking for a Raspberry Ketone product you can trust? offers SimplyRaspberryKetones™ – nothing but 500MG per capsule of pure, natural raspberry ketones. And if they don’t work for you, aPP-aPProved will refund your purchase for up to one full year. NONE of these scammy fly-by-night sites will probably even be around that long!