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Geeks at Sundance Film Festival

Here are some of our resident Geeks as  they make an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival to share the Simply Raspberry Ketones



Study Finds Omega-3 Supplements Combat Depression In the Elderly

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New research adds to the many reasons why we should all be taking an omega-3 supplement. Many of us are already aware that omega-3 supplements boost heart health and lower triglycerides. Read more

Study Shows Magnesium May Lower Risk of Colon Cancer


A new analysis looking at eight different studies that included nearly 340,000 participants has found that increased ingestion of magnesium can significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer. In fact, researchers at the Soochow University in China found that your risk for colon cancer is reduced by 7% for every additional 50 mg of magnesium that you ingest.

Magnesium has long been known to be a key element in health and is important with countless bodily functions. Magnesium supports your immune system, muscle health, nerve function, heart rhythm, blood pressure, sugar levels, and bone health. Still, most people do not get nearly enough of it through dietary means like vegetables and dairy. It is crucial to get your minimum amount of magnesium, 320 mg each day for women and 420 mg each day for men to support all of those functions properly.

This study, however, looked at increased intakes of magnesium meaning above the minimum recommended amount. On average, researchers found that increasing magnesium intake to have an average of 11% reduction in the risk of developing colon cancer with an average 7% reduction for every additional 50 mg of magnesium.

A similar study performed by researchers at the Imperial College London and Wageningen University found that for every additional 100 mg of magnesium your risk of colon or rectal cancer is reduced by 12%.

Cancer prevention is only one of the big reasons to add magnesium supplement to your diet. A study by researchers at the Karolinska Intitute in Sweden found that every additional 100 mg of magnesium your risk of stroke is reduced by 9%.

Magnesium has also been linked to prevention and management of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Meanwhile, magnesium deficiency can lead to heart problems, immune system disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and severely low levels of calcium or potassium in the blood.

Lack of Vitamin D Can Lead to Weight Gain in Older Women


We often talk about how important it is to get enough vitamin D to support heart health, bone health, and skin health but new findings show that older women with low levels of vitamin D may be at risk for some weight gain as well. Though more research is required to see if low levels of vitamin D are what directly cause the weight gain, it definitely adds another reason to make sure your vitamin D levels are sufficient.

Read more

Conquer your sweet tooth!


By: Tamara Jacobi

Sugar. This white, powdery stuff might seem simple, but the role it plays in many of our lives is incredibly complex.  A sugary treat can give you a burst of energy and even boost your mood.  Sounds good right? Unfortunately, sugar has worked its way so deeply into our lives that many of us are now struggling with a sugar addiction. Read more

4 simple ways to give your metabolism a healthy boost


By: Tamara Jacobi

Part of the aging process is that your metabolism naturally slows down.  I’m guessing that you’re probably not thrilled about this part of getting older; the idea of carrying around extra pounds is not always welcome. Though your first response to your slowing metabolism may be to reduce your calorie intake or extend your workouts I highly recommend that you think twice. Eating less and spending more hours at the gym may not be the most enjoyable or the more effective way to deal with a dropping metabolism. Instead, why not try these simple tricks to give your metabolism a gentle (and natural!) boost.   Read more

What to expect with Krill Oil

red whale krill oil

One of the first things many people notice with Krill Oil is more focus and alertness. That usually happens after the first couple of weeks. After that, many notice a better mood and more energy.

But the main reason many take krill oil is for relief from high cholesterol, PMS and arthritis. All of these effects have been clinically shown to be possible with krill oil, but in nearly every case evaluations happened at a minimum of 45 days, and most often at 12 weeks. So to really see the full effects of krill oil you need to give it that much time.

Then there is the antioxidant benefit. You may not feel this one at all, but the astaxanthin in krill oil will begin building up in your system from the moment you begin taking it. It will combat the effects of free radicals and toxins in your body and help to slow aging and damage to your system. Some of the other things people have noticed krill oil can do include:

• Maintaining healthy blood pressure • Balancing blood sugar levels • Relieving inflammation • Maintaining strong bones… and much more