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The Type of Protein You Eat Matters


When we posted the study a few days ago about how eating protein is necessary for weight loss (or even maintaining muscle mass if you’re not dieting) the question came up – does it matter where the protein comes from?

Well turns out it does. Read more

Protein and Body Fat


A new study has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that sheds a lot of light on how what kind of food you eat impacts your weight. And it explains why some diets can actually make it even harder for you to lose weight. Read more

Want To Lose Weight? Don’t Forget Calcium


Having trouble losing weight? Might want to check your calcium intake.

Researchers from Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, point to evidence suggesting that low calcium intake is a risk factor for obesity.

“Taken together, these observations suggest that insufficient calcium intake can be part of the obesity problem in some individuals and that an increase in calcium/dairy intake is part of the solution,” they say.

The latest study was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Researchers state that when overweight or obese people who have insufficient calcium intake increased the amount of calcium they consumed, they lost more weight and more fat.

They suggest that the reson for this is that calcium may increase fat metabolism (burning of fat for energy), cause fat to be expelled in feces, and possibly curb appetite.

The following “key teaching points” are copied directly from the abstract:

Key teaching points:
  •  Low dietary calcium intake is a significant risk factor for overweight in adults.
  •  Calcium/dairy supplementation may accentuate the impact of a weight-reducing program in obese low calcium consumers.
  •  Calcium/dairy supplementation promotes fecal fat loss and fat oxidation.
  •  Calcium/dairy supplementation favors a decrease in energy intake and a facilitation of appetite control in obese individuals during weight loss.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, a good calcium supplement may be just the boost you’re looking for.

When it comes to calcium supplements, we recommend Calciology™. The formula supports maximum absorption, and the supporting ingredients also have been found to benefit weight loss.

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Calcium & Vitamin D Cut Fat Levels & Aid Weight Loss


Having trouble losing weight? Might want to check your calcium intake.

Researchers from Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, point to evidence suggesting that low calcium intake is a risk factor for obesity. Read more

Maybe That Extra Weight Isn’t So Bad


In light of how depressing it can be to step on the scale right after Thanksgiving (and it ain’t over yet… December is even worse), we thought you’d appreciate this scientific tidbit: A few extra pounds can actually be good for you.

The relevant word here is a FEW. Read more

Do Gut Bacteria Control Our Appetite?


Ever feel powerless to resist cravings for snacks or unhealthy food? Turns out there may be a good reason for that.

The bacteria in our digestive system – known as our “flora”, could control our urge to eat too much according to new research. It may even make us anxious until we give in and eat. Read more

Radio Interview: Is There a Pill That Makes French Fries OK?


I was a guest on the Dresser After Dark Radio Show Monday night.

The topic was trying to stay healthy when you have to make more trips through the drive thru than you might like.

The segment was about 10 mintues long, so I’ve got 2 options for checking it out, and links to some free downloads below: Read more

Calciolgy for Weight Loss: More Evidence

Yet more studies are showing that the ingredients in Calciology™ can aid in weight loss.

This study found that calcium plus vitamin D supplementation was NECESSARY to achieve “significant fat mass loss” in overweight women who weren’t already consuming enough calcium. (Which, according to the Surgeon General is nearly all of us.)

But that was only the beginning:  Read more

Calcium As A Weight Loss Supplement?


The internet is full of weight loss fads. Just last week, Dr. Oz did a show on HCG and declared it a risky idea. One thing he said struck me: There was no science supporting the idea that HCG can help you lose weight. Yet there were people who were willing to pay $800 for a 12 week treatment with it.

I’ve been overweight and I totally understand that desire. But what those people don’t understand is there is something with much more science behind it, that costs a LOT less money. Read more

Tony Robbins Explains Why Exercise Can Make You Fat


What?? Exercising can actually make you fat? Well turns out in some cases it can. Tony Robbins explains how in this video: Read more