Death In a Pill: How The Supplement Industry Gets Away With Murder


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    • 58% of women take this pill every morning – and it increases your risk of a heart attack by up to 31% (page 11)
    • Why women are now 15% more likely than men to die of a heart attack (page 10)
    • How pharmaceutical giants created a “disease” just to sell more prescriptions… and why every woman will eventually be diagnosed with it (page 6)
    • How drug and supplement companies pressure your doctor to prescribe their products (page 7)
    • Why the vast majority of women who suffer heart attacks have no prior warning – and in fact have “clean” angiograms (page 13)
    • The simple combination of nutrients that eliminate these problems – and you can buy them anywhere (page 14)


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  1. crna10 says:

    what is the mechanism of action of calcium related heart attacks?

    • Geek14 says:

      The authors of a study based on a statistical analysis of 15 separate studies suggest that the problem was the “calcium supplements led to higher levels of calcium in the blood, and that elevated levels of calcium in the blood have also been found to lead to higher incidences of heart attacks. They speculate that this elevated blood calcium leads to calcification or hardening of the arteries and heart disease.” The study used almost 12,000 participants and was published in the British Medical Journal on July 29, 2010.

      Several facts are worth mentioning while reviewing the study, “First of all, the studies above were all conducted using calcium in the form of carbonate or citrate. No studies with calcium citramate were included. In the studies we’ve reviewed on citramate, vascular events have not been mentioned.

      Secondly, it’s very well known that calcium in any form needs certain supporting ingredients to be best utilized by the body. Vitamin D, especially is not only essential for calcium absorption, it’s been shown in studies to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. It’s significant that none of the studies showing the increased risks included vitamin D supplements.

      Magnesium has been referred to as “Nature’s Physiologic Calcium Blocker.” It blocks the entry of calcium into heart cells and the smooth muscle cells of blood vessels. With or without calcium supplementation magnesium has been shown to have a positive effect on heart disease.

      Most importantly, Vitamin K may well be the key. It is the substance that helps move calcium out of arteries and into bones. Further, it’s been found to reduce existing calcium buildup in arteries by 37% in only 6 weeks.”

      All of the quotes here are taken from our article which can be found here:

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