Debunking A Few Myths About Raspberry Ketones


Sales for Raspberry Ketones have gone through the roof ever since television’s Dr. Oz touted the supplement’s fat burning and weight loss abilities. Yet, as people rush to their local all-natural or organic food market to purchase a bottle, they are met with an unexpected obstacle. You see, many of these stores DO NOT SELL RASPBERRY KETONES.

It seems that store clerks and managers are emphatically telling people that they WILL NEVER stock raspberry ketones because it is synthetically produced and isn’t an “all natural” product. Furthermore, people are being told that the world’s supply of raspberries would be severely depleted if raspberry ketones were truly natural.

Wow. We have a lot to worry about in these trying times. Apparently, on top of everything else, we must also worry about America’s battle with the bulge contributing to a worldwide raspberry shortage, too.

So these natural-food markets are way off base, right?

Yes and no. Let’s explain. First, we completely understand the origin of where they’re coming from. It is rooted in the same logic that we use when we suggest that taking a daily raspberry ketones supplement will do more to boost metabolic properties than simply eating a bunch of raspberries. We say this because we’d have to eat anywhere from 120 to 1000 pounds of raspberries to get anything close to a 500mg dosage of Simply Raspberry Ketones™.

That’s a heck of a lot of Raspberries!

It sure is. But, as you can see, there are plenty of raspberries to go around. Not just in the United States, but year-round throughout the world. Sure, there will be years where some crops in certain parts of the world don’t produce as well as they did the previous year, and this will typically result in a price hike at the grocer. But rest assured the raspberry seems poised to live a long and fruitful lifespan.

So, is what’s in my bottle truly all-natural?

It all depends on the manufacturer. Raspberry ketones are some of the most expensive natural components in the world, mostly because they aren’t readily available. Ketones can only be found in trace amounts in raspberries. Only an approximate 1-4 milligrams of pure ketones can be produced from a kilo of raspberries. Because of this, it can be super expensive to secure a kilo of pure raspberry ketone. Way too costly for most supplement manufacturers.

Because of the cost, many supplement manufacturers bypass real raspberries all together and opt to use artificially synthesized raspberry ketones. Synthetic raspberry ketone is inexpensive and gives the supplement manufacturer a bigger margin of profit. This is good for those supplement makers that are more interested in making bank off the recent “celebrity” of raspberry ketones rather than investing in a quality product.

You can typically spot a synthetic raspberry ketones supplement by the price of the product. A low price typically means low quality. They are targeting a more leery consumer. Someone that may doubt what they hear about raspberry ketones but will purchase a bottle just because the price is right. This type of supplement maker doesn’t really care if anyone loses weight with raspberry ketones or comes back to purchase another bottle. They know that other consumers are right around the corner and they can also get people locked into a difficult to cancel auto-ship/auto-bill commitment for multiple bottles.

A good raspberry ketones supplement will be in the $50 – $65 range because the maker of the supplement has made a significant investment in a manufacturer that promises pure raspberry ketones.

Keep in mind, as with any supplement, even an “all-natural” raspberry ketones product has an extraction process before becoming capsule-ready. Perhaps this is what the natural-food market clerks and managers are referring to? If that’s the case, the question is did it start life as a raspberry or in a petrie dish? If it started as a raspberry, and has no blends or other ingredients or chemicals, it is all-natural.

The Rag-Tag Research Geeks Recommend Simply Raspberry Ketones™

We recommend Simply Raspberry Ketones™ – this product contains no blends or other ingredients, only the purest natural Raspberry Ketones at the dose most likely to be effective.

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