How To Find All-Natural Raspberry Ketones Without Being Ripped Off

What Are Raspberry Ketones -

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones are a natural compound responsible for the sweet aroma of red raspberries. They have been used for years as a food additive. Manufacturers also use raspberry ketones in cosmetics and perfumes to give these products a fruity scent. Raspberry ketone was given GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status by the FDA in 1965 for use as a food additive.

It Takes More Than Eating Some Red Raspberries

We are constantly asked if the fat burning capabilities of raspberry ketones can be achieved just by eating a lot of red raspberries?

The answer is no. A dietary supplement is the only way to experience the metabolic boosting properties of raspberry ketones. To get just 500mg of raspberry ketones, you’d have to eat anywhere from 120 to 1000 pounds of actual raspberries. This number varies since the presence of ketones in individual raspberries can either be super high or super low depending on where and when the raspberries are harvested.

A red raspberry contains only trace amounts of ketones. A kilo of raspberries may only contain 1-4 milligrams of pure ketones. The cost of securing a kilo of pure raspberry ketone is incredibly high and very few supplement makers are willing to make the investment.

Everyone Wants Some, And Everyone Wants To Make Money, Too

Whenever people smell money, or sense a trend and more Google searches or consumer demand, they want in on the action. Raspberry ketones were once sold by only the very best in the industry. Companies that were willing to invest in high quality, pure, all-natural raspberry ketone powder. The only kind that works.

The price per bottle was higher than most supplements. But these companies wanted a quality product so customers would come back for more and tell their friends and family, too!

Newer companies want to produce the lowest-cost raspberry ketones supplement they can market. They don’t care whether or not it actually produces results. Their objective is to cash in on a trend. This also means that they take shortcuts to cut down manufacturing costs. This enables them to sell bottles for $10 to $30. Here are a few tricks of the trade.

How Certain Supplement Makers Can Charge So Little Per Bottle

Synthetic Raspberry Ketone

Naturally derived raspberry ketones can cost up to five times more than a ketones product synthetically created. So companies wanting to keep costs down tend to prefer using synthetically produced raspberry ketone powder rather than 100% natural raspberry ketones. The problem is these ketones don’t come from an actual raspberry. They come from a petri or cell culture dish. And they won’t work.

Raspberry Extract

Some companies may grind up raspberry extract, encapsulate the powder, and market it as raspberry ketones. Um… That is a raspberry supplement. It is still good for us, since its full of antioxidants, but it has very minimal raspberry ketones if any at all.

Proprietary Blends

You will see raspberry ketones packaged with other weight loss supplements and stimulant ingredients that aren’t necessary at all. This is being done to mask the fact that they are using either unnatural synthesized raspberry ketone or minimal/weak raspberry ketone.

Raspberry Ketones Food Additive For Aroma

To cut costs, supplement makers will sometimes use ketones derived from anise seeds, and then simply add a raspberry ketone food additive to make the supplement smell and taste like raspberries.

How To Avoid Being Scammed…

1. Look for All-Natural” on the label. You’ll notice that many companies claim to have “natural” raspberry ketones. Very few will claim their product is ALL-NATURAL.

2. Stay clear of any other ingredients or blends.

3. Find a supplement company that you can trust with a solid online reputation. Look for BBB accreditation and make sure they aren’t a fly-by-night company that has just sprung up with a raspberry ketone supplement. Confirm they have real customer service representatives to answer your questions or address problems.

4. Pay no attention to celebrity endorsements. Kim Kardashian looks great in a swimsuit but as far as we know she hasn’t officially endorsed a raspberry ketone product. Just because Dr. Oz is pictured next to a product’s logo, this doesn’t mean he’s endorsing that particular brand of raspberry ketone.

The only raspberry ketone product that we are truly comfortable enough to recommend based on our research is Simply Raspberry Ketones™ from

This product contains no blends or other ingredients, only the purest natural raspberry ketones at the dose most likely to be effective based on raspberry ketone research and an understanding of how ketone bodies work in the human body. It may cost a bit more than other brands on the market but you are paying for quality and an all-natural product.

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