Krill Oil Warning: Don’t Buy Before Seeing This!

Why Doesn’t All Krill Oil
Work The Same?

If you’re like most of the people who land here, this is not your first krill oil website. You’ve already done some research, and you’ve been hit with several different sales pitches. You know krill oil is better than fish oil. You know what it can do for you. You’re fairly sure it’s what you want.

But deciding which supplement to get is the kicker. We get that.

So we have two goals for this page:

1, we want to tell you about the krill oil we think is the most effective. But…

2, We also want to help you understand what makes the difference. So that even if you do choose another product, at least you’ll know what you’re actually getting. You’ll make an informed choice, based on real science.

We’re the Rag-Tag Research Geeks™, and that’s kinda what we do around here. And not to toot our own horn, but our advice has even been featured in the media a time or two. So we’ve got some “cred”.

Now For The Education Part…
WHY Is This True?

OK Class, take out your pencils. There will be a pop quiz at the end, and your score will be determined by both your wallet and your overall health. Ready? Here we go…

    1. Krill oil is better than fish oil because the Omega-3’s are in the form of phospholipids. That’s a fancy word for a different chemical structure.But that chemical structure is the same one found in the walls of every cell in your body. That’s why the Omega-3’s in krill oil are better absorbed.Problem: not all of what is sold as krill oil actually contains phospholipids. Which makes it just overpriced fish oil. If a krill oil supplement contains less than 400 MG phospholipids (in a 1,000 MG serving) it isn’t krill oil.


    1. The Omega-3’s that deliver the benefits are called EPA and DHA. The more of these your krill oil has the more benefits you get.Problem: Some krill oil supplements have more of these than others. Lower numbers is like buying watered down gas before a cross-country road trip. You’re not going to get very far.


  1. Astaxanthin is amazing. It’s another reason krill oil is better than fish oil. Astaxanthin is an antioxidant found in the algae krill eat. It’s also the stuff that makes shrimp and flamingoes pink, and what gives salmon the endurance to swim upstream and jump waterfalls to spawn. The health benefits of astaxanthin could take up a whole page by itself. (We know because we have one on our blog: Amazing Astaxanthin).Problem: again, some krill oil supplements have more astaxanthin than others. 1.5 MG is pretty standard and you shouldn’t accept less.

So What’s Our Recommendation?

Of all the krill oil supplements we’ve looked at, only a few lived up to the above standards. Only one surpassed them.

It’s called Red W____ Krill Oil™.

The Rag-Tag Research Geeks Recommend:
Red W____ Krill Oil™

This is one of our favorite products in all the supplement world! Red W____ Krill Oil™ has the highest concentrations of everything that makes Krill Oil effective, plus extra astaxanthin. It is the most effective krill oil supplement we can find!

As you can see on the label above, Red W____™ contains:

  • 420 MG Phospholipids (That’s 42%!)
  • 300 MG Omega-3’s with 150 MG EPA/ 90 MG DHA
  • A full 2.5 MG astaxanthin

Has This Information Helped You?

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So as we said we wholeheartedly recommend you choose Red W____ Krill Oil™. But since we don’t sell anything on this site, the question is…

??? Where To Get It ???

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