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Our premier issue ended with an article on Time, and how he is the enemy that robs us of our youth and vitality.

Time is the most despicable kind of enemy, because he can’t just be defeated or vanquished. Like The Joker says to Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, we need him.

So how exactly do we join the battle against him?

1. Take Small Steps Consistently

It defeats the purpose if you become obsessed with fitness – that only takes up more of your time. Instead, commit that every day you’ll do something toward being healthier. Swap the fries for a salad or fruit. Park farther back. Remember that small changes add up.

2. Learn To Savor

Whether its your food, the feeling you get after you’ve been active, or the belly laugh you share with your best friend, you get more out of the time you have when you focus and savor it.

3. Share The Battle

Studies show that people are much more successful at reaching goals (such as losing weight, committing to exercise…) if they share the process with a friend. Find someone you can be accountable to – who can encourage you and who you can encourage.

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