Staying Healthy On The Go


If you’re like me, the last thing you have is extra time on your hands. And unfortunately (according to surveys) for most of us that means it can be hard to make healthier choices.

Who has time to cook from scratch any more? I personally get way too many of my meals from the drive-thru. And that could mean a hit to my overall fitness.

So the Rag-Tag Geeks have gotten together and compiled our favorite, healthy(ER) meals from national drive through chains. And there is not a grilled chicken salad on the list because we are so OVER those. Download it, print it, keep it handy in your car:

The Geeky Drive Through List

Here’s some other info that will help you stay healthy on the go:

Research Links: Supplements That Help

Astaxanthin and weight:

Astaxanthin was found to inhibit weight gain resulting from a high fat diet. It also increased the amount of fat used during exercise and improved exercise endurance.

In these studies, astaxanthin increased fat usage during exercise and accelerated the normal decrease in body fat that occurs with regular exercise. It did this by increasing the movement of fats into the mitochondria for energy production via enhanced carnitine palmitoyltransferase I (CPT I) activity (a transport protein for fat located on the cell membrane).  What this means is that astaxanthin supplementation spared muscle glycogen (or sugars – a normal fuel source for exercise) and used fat stores instead.

More on Astaxanthin

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Life Oil™ Sea Buckthorn and Weight

  • Contains the rare Omega-7 fatty acid. This healthy fat has been shown in studies to act as a hormone, signaling muscle cells to react better to insulin. It seems also to inhibit the ability of fat cells to store fat.
  • Mice fed the same high fat diet had significantly lower body weights if also given sea buckthorn in studies
  • Women who took sea buckthorn for 30 days saw a “statistically significant” reduction in waist circumference with no other changes to diet and exercise

More on Sea Buckthorn

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Rag-Tag Research Geek Media: Chief Geek Lisa Anniston on Dresser After Dark


 It was a long segment, and it got a little overly-Geeky. So we cut out the important parts and set them to video:



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    • Geek7 says:

      Hi Liz. Krill can be found all around the world, but those used for krill oil mostly come from the Antarctic Ocean. It appears to be quite a “multi-tasker”!

      Krill oil may increase energy level by 50% (and reduce wrinkles by up to 60%)! I have seen studies showing benefits in improved heart health, less inflammation, improved ability to focus and less painful pms symptoms.

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