Think You’re Getting
Enough Vitamin D?

Think Again…

Vitamin D -

Vitamin D deficiency is the most under diagnosed condition in the world. It estimated that 85% of the population today are at risk of being Vitamin D deficient. 25% have a severe deficiency, while the rest likely have insufficient Vitamin D levels that over time can greatly compromise their health.

Recent studies have linked Vitamin D deficiency to not just poor bone health and conditions like osteoporosis but serious non-skeletal health conditions like heart disease, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and depression.

If You Think This Doesn’t Apply To You Because You Take A Vitamin D Supplement, You May Be In For A Shock

Chances are, your Vitamin D supplement isn’t doing as much for you as you think it is. And the reasons are pretty simple:

First, Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient. It needs the presence of fats in order to break down in your stomach and be absorbed. So unless you’re drinking it with an olive-oil chaser, you’re not getting most of what your supplement is trying to offer.

Second, most vitamin D supplements are simply the wrong form of D. Plants, even milk contain D2, a plant-based form of D. But when exposed to sunlight your body produces D3 – and this form has been shown over and over to be the one necessary to reap the benefits of the “sunshine vitamin.”

Third, are you getting enough? Pick up any commercially sold multivitamin with Vitamin D and you’d be hard pressed to find one containing more than 400-600 IU of Vitamin D. Even most stand-alone Vitamin D supplements generally offer no more than 1000 IU.

But research shows that every 100 IU of supplemented Vitamin D raises the blood serum level up by just 1 ng/ml, and optimum Vitamin D levels start around 50 ng/ml. Since most of America is well below 30ng/ml – you can easily see why such low doses just don’t cut it.

Don’t Risk Your Health On
Vitamin D That Cannot Help You

If you want to reap the benefits of optimal Vitamin D levels – and to protect yourself from the dangers of deficiency – here is what you need in a vitamin D supplement:

1: Make sure you get a supplement your body can absorb.

2: Make sure you get D3 instead of D2. And finally…

3. Make sure you get 2,000 – 4,000 IU per day. Less, and you’re throwing salt into the sea. More, and you need to monitor your blood levels to make sure you don’t get too much. But just like Goldilocks found when she ate Baby Bear’s porridge… 4,000 IU per day is just right.

The Rag-Tag Research Geeks Recommend: D3Fusion™

Of course we wouldn’t recommend D3Fusion™ if it didn’t meet all the above criteria. 2 capsules per day gets you 4,000 IU of the highest quality D3 available. But that’s only the beginning.

How To Get 696% Better Absorption From Your Vitamin D

As we mentioned above, since Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient it can be very difficult for your body to abosorb the D you take in supplements.

There is, however, something that has been clinically shown to make a huge difference. Almost 7X more of a difference.

VESIsorb® - Why D3 Fusion Is The Most Bioavailable Vitamin D Supplement On The Market - RagTagResearchGeeks.comIt’s called VESIsorb® Nano Droplet Technology. It’s a patented system that takes fat-soluble nutrients and diffuses them into tiny droplets – less than 100 nanometers wide – and delivers them to the lining of your digestive system.

These Nano Droplets are so absorbable that scientific studies found 696% more nutrients in the bloodstream of those who used this system compared with those who took those other supplements. (Xian-Liu et al, 2009).

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