Why Your B-12 Supplement Isn’t Working


A Less Active Form of B-12 Dominates The Market And Could Even Harm Our Health

The B-12 we find in fortified foods, dietary supplements, energy drinks, and doctor-prescribed injections is a synthetic form known as cyanocobalamin or cyano-B-12.

This form of B-12 does not occur naturally – it’s synthetically produced in a laboratory.

Pick up any vitamin bottle in a store, even something like 5-hour Energy Drink, and you’re likely to see the B-12 listed as cyanocobalamin.

This form of B-12 is more widely available because it is much less expensive to produce synthetically than the more active form of methylcobalamin or methyl-B-12.

But here are few reasons why our body doesn’t really reap the full benefits from Cyanocobalamin B-12.

Cyano-B-12 is the less active form

Most of the B-12 we have circulating through our bloodstream is in the methylcobalamin form. The liver must convert cyano-B-12 to methylcobalamin for our body to even get a usable form of B-12.

Cyano-B-12 is bound to cyanide

Yes, cyanide.

A Google search of “cyanocobalamin B-12 and cyanide” will likely result in a bunch of hyperbolic panic advising you to throw out any supplement containing the toxic cyanocobalamin.  But most cyanocobalamin B-12 doses in multivitamins or B-complex supplements are 100mcg or less, equating to trace cyanide amounts.

Toxicity isn’t the issue with cyanocobalamin B-12. For the sake of comparison, one cigarette can deliver anywhere from 40 to 100mcg of cyanide. So the cyanide in moderate cyanocobalamin B-12 doses is likely no more than what we get from the air we breathe everyday or the tap water we drink. But higher doses of cyanocobalamin B-12 suddenly seem a bit scary, don’t they?

Toxicity isn’t the problem. But THIS is…

Here’s the main problem with cyanocobalamin. While the trace amounts of cyanide in a cyanocobalamin B-12 dose won’t kill you, the body has to work harder to remove the cyanide molecule from the vitamin, and flush the cyanide completely from our system, as its converting the cyano-B-12 to usable methyl-B-12.

This time consuming, multi-step process, uses substances in the body like glutathione, and other “methyl group” molecules, the body relies on to lower homocysteine levels in the body. What does this mean?

By the time your body finishes processing your B-12 into a form it can use, it has already used up the benefits!

Now this isn’t a big deal if you’re just taking a multivitamin with a small amount of cyanocobalamin B-12 around the USDA recommended daily intake of 2.4 to 2.8mcg.

But knowing what you know now… does taking cyanocobalamin B-12 seem like an effective way to address a B-12 deficiency, substantially increase B-12 levels, lower homocysteine levels, and actually feel a difference?

Unfortunately, thats only half the story…

It Gets Worse!
Two Of the Most Common Ways Of Supplementing B-12 Are Ineffective

Oral Doses: Orally ingesting B-12 via a standard vitamin capsule, tablet, or energy drink is a waste of money. You may think you’re taking a supplement with 100mcg of B-12, but any oral dose of B-12 will result in just about 1% of that dose reaching your bloodstream. Much of it is lost in the intestinal tract.

Injections: Ugh, needles!!!!! You may have heard that this is THE most effective way to get your B12. But there is a problem here, too.

While this method evades the digestive tract completely and gets directly into your bloodstream, the downside – besides the obvious scream factor of having a needle stuck in you – is most pharmaceutical B-12 injections are cyanocobalamin B-12.

Pharmaceutical companies, just like many supplement companies, are profit driven and synthetic cyanocobalamin is the most cost-effective.

So there must be a better way to get B-12 in our bloodstream that IS NOT an oral or injectable cyanocobalamin B-12 supplement, right???

The Answer: Sublingual Administration

The absorption of B-12 through the oral mucosa is the most simple and effective way to substantially raise B-12 blood levels. Laboratory tests show a sublingual delivery, where a tablet is dissolved under the tongue, can raise blood levels of vitamin B-12 by 90%.

Combine a sublingual tablet with the right form – methylcobalamin – and you’ve got a pretty superior product. But there’s one more thing your B12 supplement requires to really give you all the benefits you deserve:

Supporting Ingredients That Maximize Bioavailability

Folic Acid – Another contributor to high homocysteine levels is folic acid deficiency. The “coenzyme” forms of folate and B12 are both necessary to convert homocysteine to methione. If your b12 doesn’t contain this supporting ingredient, it’s not as powerful.

Vitamin B-6 – Combined with B-12 and folate, B-6 helps boosts energy levels, restore mental clarity, and support emotional balance.


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