How To Choose The Right Green Coffee Bean Supplement

Everyone is buzzing these days about the health benefits and fat burning potential of green coffee bean extract. And there is good reason!

Studies Show Green Coffee Bean Is The Real Deal

Anyone leery that this is another flavor-of-the-month weight loss supplement, endorsed by famous daytime-TV personalities until the next big thing comes along, just might be missing out on the biggest all-natural anti-obesity breakthrough we’ve ever seen.

The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome And Obesity Journal, along with several human clinical studies and other respected journals, all agree that green coffee bean extract is the one weight loss supplement that lives up to its hype.

Simply put, it delivers! Real people are losing weight – averaging 11-17 pounds in 12 weeks in compiled studies – and improving their health. Often without making any substantial changes to their diet or exercise habits.

But You Need The RIGHT Green Coffee Bean Supplement

A quality product is necessary for maximum impact. Unfortunately the market is full of crappy green coffee bean supplements that are full of fillers and additives.

Believe it or not, some top selling brands consist of capsulized Mocha – not green coffee bean extract!

Manufacturers are shorting consumers on the very active ingredients that make green coffee bean extract such a powerhouse. All while making the consumer pay for ingredients that do absolutely nothing at all.

But have no fear. The Rag-Time Research Geeks are here to tell you what to look for in choosing a green coffee bean extract supplement.

What To Look For In A Green Coffee Bean Supplement

Standardized Chlorogenic Acid To 50%

Make sure to read the ingredients label prior to purchase. Many top selling brands of green coffee bean extract contain chlorogenic acid standardized to only 42% or 45%.

Chlorogenic acid is the key active component that makes green coffee bean extract so good for us. The label should clearly indicate that the green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid standardized to 50%.

Why Is Chlorogenic Acid So Important?

Chlorogenic acid is a natural phytochemical found in a wide variety of plants. It is available in very high concentrations in green coffee beans, however, the roasting process depletes 90% of it, which is why we can’t get it from our everyday cup of Joe.

As a weight loss aid, chlorogenic acid boosts our metabolism by preventing the release of glucose into the blood stream. Glucose is used by the body more immediately and this efficiency decreases glucose absorption.

An increase in the metabolism of stored fat reserves is a by product of this reduced glucose availability. In time this results in weight loss – decreased body fat and mass.

For our overall health, the antioxidant properties within cholorogenic acid provide our body defense against the free radicals that enter our blood stream each day. These free radicals contribute to aging and many of the chronic health conditions that plague us.

You Want PURE Extract – ZERO Fillers, Binders, Or Artificial Ingredients

You should only see “green coffee bean extract” on the label. Nothing else is needed.

You don’t need a cocktail of other natural weight loss herbs like green tea, raspberry ketones, or African mango.

You don’t need additional caffeine. Loads of caffeine won’t help you lose weight. It will only make you a jittery, twitchy, nervous mess!

Only The Right Amount Gets You The Right Results

Our research has concluded that best results are achieved with three capsules a day of 500mg of clean, pure green coffee bean extract standardized to 50%.

Avoid Anything Over 500mg

Some brands may look like a wiser purchase because they offer 800mg of green coffee bean extract. First, this is probably that Mocha powder we mentioned. Second, if this is true green coffee bean extract, taking such a high dosage three times a day could result in an unsafe drop in blood sugar. Looking good isn’t rewarding if you’re lightheaded and woozy.

The Rag-Time Research Geeks Recommend CLEAN GREEN COFFEE BEAN™…

Rag-Tag Research Geeks Recommend - CLEAN GREEN COFFEE BEAN - aPP-approved - RagTagResearchGeeks.comThe manufacturers of Clean Green Coffee Bean have created a formula that has MORE of what works and NONE of what doesn’t.

Other brands offer plenty of flash but little substance. You can spot these a mile away. Fake testimonials. Celebrity endorsements. Dr. Oz is likely to be showcased and name dropped more effectively than the label and ingredients. With Clean Green Coffee Bean™ it is ALL about the ingredients… or ingredient in this case!

Rag-Tag Research Geeks Recommend - CLEAN GREEN COFFEE BEAN - aPP-approved -

  • Chlorogenic Acid Standardized To 50%
  • No Fillers and Additives
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Less Caffeine
  • Vegetarian Capsule
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