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Reality Bites: Video Games – A Weapon Against Depression

Video Game Depression

It was like a dream in there.  The smell of the air was crisp. The light of the full moon was soothing as thin clouds slowly passed in front of it.  Gail could not believe the realism.  She had to keep reminding herself that this was an illusion.

She had been chosen to test out the new Holograph Chamber at the university.  They had worked years perfecting it.  When it was powered off, it looked like any other room (only the size of a gymnasium), bland and bare.  But, after it was turned on, the real world seemed to slip away, only to be replaced by whatever one’s heart desired.

Gail had asked for a serene night down by the river.  She wanted sixty-five degrees, some birds chirping off in the distance and deer drinking at the embankment nearby. She got it.  Below her bare feet, every blade of grass stimulated her heels. Above her, the wind blew her hair into her eyes.

“Well, Gail? What do you think?” The voice boomed over a loudspeaker, hidden somewhere in the forest of dark trees behind her.

“This is amazing, Doctor Finch. Amazing!” She twirled around, doing her best impression of Judy Garland in the Sound Of Music. 

“We haven’t worked out all the bugs just yet but-” The doctor’s voice was interrupted by a loud growl from some brush nearby. It sounded to Gail like a bear. A BIG BEAR. Read more

Why Being Happy Makes You More Successful

There is so much to glean in this video from! Our happiness is not determined by our circumstances, or our success, or any external situation. Rather, its in how our brain processes these situations. We can choose to be happy. 

Of course it sounds simplistic – in reality there’s no happiness switch you can flip. It does take work. But as you’ll see, being happy pays some big dividends!

Embrace The Shake

What limits you? Is it a busy schedule, a physical issue, or even a mental hangup?

In this inspiring TED video, Phil Hansen shows us how embracing what we think is a limitation could actually be the key to unlocking our creativity.


What will it mean for you to “embrace the shake?” Tell us in the comments below!

Researchers Recommend Doubling Daily Vitamin C Intake


Vitamin C:

Researchers at Oregon State University are calling for the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C to be doubled to 200 milligrams a day in a new article in Critical Reviews in Food Science in Nutrition. Led by Professor Balz Frei, the article describes the current levels of vitamin C intake as the minimum amount to prevent scurvy. He calls for raising the current 75-90 milligrams minimum but 100% to increase cell and tissue saturation.

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Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

This fascinating video from discusses how much our body language can actually shape our destiny. It’s a bit long – 21 minutes – but it could really make a difference if put into practice!

Bananas as Good as Gatorade For Sports Performance


A recent study that monitored 14 trained male cyclists under age 45 has found that bananas are equally beneficial to sports performance as the popular sports drink Gatorade. The study, aptly titled ‘Bananas and Exercise Metabolism’, was performed to research how Gatorade, which is the drink of choice of most athletes, stacks up against more natural fruit alternatives in giving athletes that extra metabolic kick.

The study was broken down into cyclists that consumed Gatorade before, during, and after a 75 kilometer time trial and those eating bananas instead. All of the cyclists had an average diet with a moderate amount of carbohydrates and no supplements. Although the characteristics of bananas and Gatorade are so different, both produced very similar results in athletes’ blood glucose levels, inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolic functions.

Researchers particularly focused on athlete liver function and how their bodies utilized the carbohydrates and various acids as fuel. Ultimately, they found that there was no difference between the help Gatorade gives you versus the banana. At the same time, researchers did find that bananas were a better source of antioxidants and dopamine, but neither had any effect on the athletic functions.

While bananas are obviously more cost efficient than Gatorade, one would have to consume bananas at the same rate as they would drink Gatorade. That means eating 6-7 bananas over a two to three hour period. Though this has no adverse effects, six bananas take up a lot more space than Gatorade and can cause bloating. That’s also because of the large amount of fiber that your body receives from the fruit. Researchers expect a big rise in banana-peel based supplements as a great way to help athletes’ endurance and metabolic functions, especially in a high-energy event.

Green Coffee Beans: What is chlorogenic acid and why is it important?

One of the newest weight loss supplements on the market is green coffee bean extract and it has so far proved effective in supporting steady weight loss without severe calorie restriction or excessive exercise.

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The Science Behind Green Coffee Bean

on branch gcb

One of the discussed supplements of the past year has been green coffee bean extract and, even though there are still trials and studies being conducted on it, it has so far it has shown impressive results. In a study conducted this year (new evidence on effects of green coffee beans in weight loss), 16 overweight people in the 22-26 year age bracket were given low and high doses of the supplement along with placebos in cycles over the course of 22 weeks. They followed a healthy, but not calorie-restrictive diet and were burning around 400 calories a day through exercise. The group averaged a weight loss of 17lbs and lost around 10 per cent of their body weight. Over the course of the study, the participants lost weight at a slightly faster pace whilst taking the high doses of the supplement, thus showing that it is effective in aiding weight loss.

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How to Choose a Green Bean Coffee Supplement

raw beans

Like most supplements on the market, the available range of Green bean coffee supplements may look similar and make the same claims, but not all supplements are made equal. Buying the right green coffee bean supplement makes the difference between getting the results that you are after and wasting your hard-earned cash.

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5 Tips for healthy holidays


By Tamara Jacobi

Why not add a healthy twist to this year’s holidays? Though holiday parties, family time and the endless parade of irresistible goodies are all things that we love, they can often leave us feeling exhausted, bloated, and imbalanced.  Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to start 2013 feeling and looking great?   Why not think of the holidays as a time of rejuvenation and complete nourishment (beyond food!). Here are some simple tips to keep you healthy and happy over the holidays.

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