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In the 12th Century BC, ancient Far East warriors turned their horses out to die after a battle. They were shocked when the horses came back days later rejeuvenated with shining coats. The miracle was traced to the sea buckthorn plant.

From then on it was known as “Life Oil.” And today, modern science continues to confirm what the ancients knew about this incredible plant.

  • It contains over 190 different nutrients, including every vitamin known to man
  • Its one of the only natural sources for the rare Omega-7 fatty acid, which has been found to aid weight loss, help prevent type 2 diabetes, and improve the look and feel of skin
  • It’s impact on skin health has led it to be used as an effective treatment for burns and dermititis, and it’s anti-aging power will transform your skin

Cardiovascular Benefits

Sea buckthorn has been found to lower blood pressure in rats,  and to prevent blood pressure from rising during exercise in hypertensive humans. The seed oil has been found to have vasorelaxant properties (to relax blood vessels thereby lowering blood pressure). 

Rats with hypertension fed Omega-7 had a significantly improved survival rate.

In addition, Sea Buckthorn has been used for centures in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat a multitude of disorders, including cardiovascular disease.

Weight Loss Benefits

  • Contains the rare Omega-7 fatty acid. This healthy fat has been shown in studies to act as a hormone, signaling muscle cells to react better to insulin. It seems also to inhibit the ability of fat cells to store fat.
  • Mice fed the same high fat diet had significantly lower body weights if also given sea buckthorn in studies
  • Women who took sea buckthorn for 30 days saw a “statistically significant” reduction in waist circumference with no other changes to diet and exercise

Skin Benefits

Omega-7 is a component of our skin. Sea buckthorn can nourish the skinwhen taken orally.

In one clinical trial, supplementing with it was shown to significantly increase something called glycerophospholipids in skin. (Which is a geeky way of saying it made skin more supple – which means less sagging and fewer wrinkles.) In others, it has been shown to regenerate tissue, healing burns and other wounds.

It blocks UV radiation. It heals and restores skin injuries. It combats rosacea and dermatitis like nobody’s business.

Rag-Tag Research Geek Recommendation

Life Oil™ contains 100% organic berry and seed oils, sourced straight from the Himalayas. Unlike many other brands, it contains a full 30-day supply at 2,000 MG per day.

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  1. JeanneAlice says:

    Hi! I have a simple question: I just started taking the Life Oil
    sea buckthorn…On the bottle it says to take it on an empty stomach…well the morning dose is fine, I take it upon awakening, but the second dose I have trouble taking on an empty stomach. How long after eating do you have an empty stomach? Will it make a difference if I take it prior to dinner, but not that long after having a small snack? Is it not as effective if your stomach is not empty? BTW, I do seem to have less of an appetite, and I have been taking it for about 3 days now…
    Thanks for any help! Jeanne

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hey Jeanne! That’s great! I’m glad it’s helping with your appetite. The primary reason for taking the Life Oil product on an empty stomach is to help you feel full before a meal. So it is perfectly fine to take it just before eating, about 20-30 minutes. It is also okay to take it with food, for it will still work, but taking it with food will slow the gastro-intestinal benefits it has. Basically, your morning dose is perfect, and taking it after a light snack later is still perfectly okay.

      Also, on average it takes about 2-3 hours for an adult’s stomach to fully digest food. So your stomach should be good and empty around that time frame.

      I hope that was helpful!

  2. perplex says:

    You said below, that the Omega 7 Complete doesnt contain Vit A, so does this mean it will have a higher level of Sea Buckthorn than Life Oil?

    I have a dry eye problem where my eyes burn after i take my contacts out, and they are dry in general. The part where the oils comes out for the eye lid, i have been told there is nothing coming out for me, resulting in my dry eyes. Ive seen people saying that Sea Buckthorn oil will help, what are your thoughts on that? what is the daily limit of the intake of life oil?

    also i live in Australia, i cant find anyone that supply’s it here, ive tried Amazon but they will not ship that here, do you know any online sites that will ship it here?

    • Geek3 says:

      That’s a great question Perplex. Yes, is the short answer. It certainly would contain a small amount more of the oil. But that is not necessarily a good thing in comparison. The Vitamin A in the life oil sea buckthorn product is so very important, especially with regard to health.

      Here’s why: Vitamin A deficiency can lead to an eye condition called xerophthalmia. Xerophthalmia is the inability to see in low light, and it can lead to blindness if it isn’t treated.

      Vitamin A benefits: People who eat a lot of foods containing Vitamin A (beta-carotene) might have a lower risk of certain kinds of cancer, such as lung cancer or prostate cancer.

      There is also science showing promise for Vitamin A helping to slow down the rate central vision loss as people age. (Age-related macular degeneration)

      In children, taking supplements with high doses of vitamin A can shorten the fever and diarrhea caused by measles. These supplements can also lower the risk of death in children with measles who live in developing countries where vitamin A deficiency is common.

      Vitamin A helps protect the surface of the eye (cornea) and is essential for good vision. Vitamin A is a group of antioxidant compounds with a long list of benefits for vision, bone development and the growth and repair of body tissue. A deficiency in vitamin A has been shown to cause and exacerbate dry eye disease.

      I am unsure who specifically ships to Australia, I am sorry. I know aPP-aPProved does not due to customs regulations, cost and the time it takes to get to the customer.

      I would email the specific manufacturers to see.

      • perplex says:

        Thanks for the quick reply

        I havent been able to find any manufactures, yours is the only site that pops up for ‘Life Oil’ are you able to tell me any?

        • perplex says:

          also what is your ratio of seed oil and berry oil?

          i am comparing it to this Buckthorn-Blend-Omega-7-Complete i know there is no Vit A but i need to take that anyway, so other than that, they are the same thing?

          your ratio is 800mg of berry oil and 200mg of seed oil?

          • Geek3 says:

            Hi Perplex. Per the manufacturer of Life Oil Sea Buckthorn, the ratio is 80% berry and 20% seed. (Yes, 800 mg berry and 200 mg seed would be correct). This product does seem pretty close to the life oil product, but Life Oil sea Buckthorn contains nothing but 100% pure sea buckthorn from the Himalayan mountains. The source of this product isn’t listed so I would ask the manufacturer if you had questions.

            I hope that helps!

          • perplex says:

            i cant seem to reply to yours, but thankyou for your information, since i cant get your product i just have to find the second best

          • Geek 15 says:

            Not a problem, Perplex! I hope it works for you.

  3. Beautiful1 says:

    How does this compare to
    Sea Buckthorn Oil Blends
    Omega 7 Complete
    Is The Life Oil The Best of the Best ?

    Help 🙂

    • Geek 16 says:

      Hello Beautiful! Here is a brief primer on what to look for in a Sea Buckthorn
      supplement, followed by my evaluation of the products in question:

      *3 Things To Look For When Buying Sea Buckthorn*

      1. You want both berry and seed oil. Research on this plant has found
      incredible benefits from both the seeds and the berries.

      2. You want 1000mg of pure, organic Sea Buckthorn per serving. If the label
      doesn’t say how much actual life oil sea buckthorn is in the product it’s a
      sure bet there’s barely a trace amount there. If a company doesn’t even
      show the label on the website – run the other way.

      3. You want a 30 day supply. We have yet to see a study that showed results
      in less than 30 days. You want to take 1,000 MG twice a day. Most
      manufacturers will break 1,000 MG into two 500MG softgels so that it’s
      easier to swallow. This means anything less than 120 softgels is NOT a full
      30 day supply.

      *3 Things Stay Away From When Buying Sea Buckthorn*

      1. Stay away from juices and blends. Most juices have very little actual
      Sea Buckthorn in them. And any product claiming a “proprietary blend” is
      masking the fact that it, too, has very little to offer. Check the label
      for “other ingredients” and if you find any, this is probably not the
      product you want.

      2. Products that sell only seed oil or only berry oil. As we said above,
      the science shows incredible benefits from each – and both have properties
      the other doesn’t. To get the full benefit of Sea Buckthorn, get oil from
      both the seeds and berries.

      3. Stay away from companies that manipulate the dosage to make it seem like
      you have more than you do. Some big name companies will sell 120 capsules,
      but only include 250 MG of Sea Buckthorn in each. Unfortunately, you really
      have to pay close attention.

      Of course, the Life Oil Sea Buckthorn product is in complete accordance
      with all 6 of these vitally important parameters. So, with these parameters
      in mind, let’s first examine the Seabuck Wonders Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend to
      see how it compares.

      The first thing I notice is that this product is composed only of berry
      oil, not the more desirable berry/seed oil blend. With that being the case,
      let’s move right on to the Omega 7 Complete product, which is also a
      softgel capsule (like Life Oil).

      The good news: This is a blend of berry and seed oil, it doesn’t appear to
      have any additives or fillers, there is 1000mg per serving, and it is
      USDA-certified organic. All good. Like Life Oil, it does contain all the
      essential fatty Omega acids. Both products contain Vitamin E, but unlike
      Life Oil, Vitamin A is notably missing from the list of constituents on the
      Seabuck product. It’s a close call, and I am impressed with the Seabuck
      product, but I believe the inclusion of Vitamin A in Life Oil gives it the

      I hope you found this helpful!

  4. ken erdmann says:

    My wife has always battled Rosacea, one of the comments sugests that Life Oil may help. Can you give us any more information on the connection between Rosacea and Life Oil?

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Ken. No problem! As I am sure you already know, Rosacea symptoms are typically comprised of weaker yet thicker skin, engorged blood vessels, and possibly various forms of sores. Seabuckthorn improves ones rosacea through several vectors: it softens and restores the skin and reduces scarring while reducing inflammation. It may also act as an anti-microbial and mild analgesic. It also strengthens blood vessel walls and improves the cardiovascular system.

      I hope that helps!

  5. bobp says:

    Can sea buckthorn be taken along with raspberry ketone?

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Bobp. Yes, sea buckthorn can certainly be taken with raspberry ketone. In fact, some people have had great results with that particular combination.

      I hope this helps!

  6. shawnakida says:

    I was wondering how much B12 is in this product?

    • Geek7 says:

      Hi Shawnakida. According to the product label, there is no B12 in Life Oil. Good News! We are working on bringing a B12 supplement to the website very soon, so keep checking in!

  7. David says:

    Will Sea Buckthorn help someone with Scleroderma? I have a friend whose daughter suffers with this disease. Is there anything else you can recommend?

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi David! We’re not doctors here, so, although I cannot make a medical recommendation about the Life Oil Sea Buckthorn product, I can tell you what I’ve seen, and what I’ve researched. This way you can make a choice based on the facts, and decide for yourself. I know that I get emails daily that the ingredients in the product have helped those with psoriasis, eczema, and other skin ailments. I am aware of the research that the ingredients have been shown to heal and restore skin injuries, rosacea and dermatitis. Just today, I received an email that a purchaser of the product now swears by it because she has lived with psoriasis for years, and since using it, she has “less flare ups and they heal faster”.
      Does the product work the same for everyone? Unfortunately, no, it does not. Different people’s bodies react differently to natural products. But, it is definitely worth a try! Check out the research, and decide for yourself:

      …searching the web, I even found research (PDF) where a clinical study was completed on Scleroderma, and the Sea Buckthorn ingredients, significant improvement was shown:

  8. johnettaps says:

    Also, if the topical sea buckthorn is effective is it available through you?

  9. johnettaps says:

    Are the facial products using sea buckthorn any good? I started taking the Life Oil about 2 weeks now. I have very little hunger. I also apply the oil from a capsule to my face and neckline hoping to improve my skin and the skin under my neck that is beginning to sag. Any suggestions and/or helpful hints?


  10. linda1949 says:

    I am just starting to take the sea buckthorn caplets. How long before I should start to see results?

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi Linda! Well, of course results vary from person to person, we’ve heard from some who’ve tried it they see results in about 30 days. Some have advised us they saw results in as little as two weeks. Results will also vary from person to person as well. Some customers lost weight, some have advised it has helped improve the look and feel of skin.

      • linda1949 says:

        Thanks so much for the reply. Do you use this product? What have you noticed?

        • Geek3 says:

          I am actually a newer Geek with the company so I have just begun taking it.

          One of our resident Geeks who’s been here a lot longer really likes it! She has Irritable bowel syndrome and had some pretty bad stomach troubles for most of her life. Right after taking it, though, they stopped. She takes more than the normal dose because she is losing a lot of weight as well, and working on attempting to fight all the loose skin that comes with weight loss. She says she is noticing more firmness in her skin as well. Of course neither of us is a Dr., so we can only tell you what we’ve noticed. I do thank you for your comments, and hope you have great luck with it! Take Care Linda!

  11. Frank Ward says:

    I get confused on how much and what I should take. I’ll be 50 2 months in ok shape. If I’m taking E,Omga-3 B, does the Sea Buckthorn replace anything or add to it. Can I take to much of these suppelments. What is a good intake for a 50 year old around 200 pounds.
    Will the Japanees Mulberry extract do what they say it will.

    Thank You for what you do. Frank

    • Geek1 says:

      The sea buckthorn doesn’t replace any of the supplements you listed. It adds an Omega-7 which has a different set of benefits. There are certainly supplements you can take too much of. Vitamin E from supplements has an “upper limit” of 1,000 MG per day. B-complex vitamins are water soluble and excess is eliminated in urine. No “upper limit” has been set for Omega-3’s or sea buckthorn.

      As for Japanese Mulberry.. Not sure what all you’ve seen claimed, but there is some science supporting its ability to block carbohydrate absorption in the intestines, but it’s not enough to be definitive. It is, however, a great antioxidant.

  12. duchesslove says:

    where can i find this , with 1000 mg’s in it . I like what I’m reading i tried the facil stuff , and I had to look it up , I WANT IT !! can I find it at walmart or gnc , what stores have the REAL thing .

  13. r bryck says:

    Does sea buckthorn come in capsules ot tablets, if you don’t want the oil? If so, where can these be purchased, with the proper amounts, as outlined in your article? r bryck

    • Geek1 says:

      That’s a good question! I’ve not seen sea buckthorn anywhere that isn’t either softgels (like Life Oil) or just the straight oil. I have seen juices but generally these are expensive and not a lot of actual sea buckthorn per serving. I will keep an eye out for one.. I wonder why no one seems to have thought of freeze-drying the berries like with acai?

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