Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Raspberry Ketones

The Facts On Raspberry Ketones - RagTagResearchGeeks.comThe hype around raspberry ketones has many people intrigued. We are flooded with questions about raspberry ketones on a daily basis. Ever since Dr. Oz hailed raspberry ketones as the world’s number one fat burning miracle in a bottle, this supplement has become so trendy that we can picture it fighting off TMZ paparazzi as it enjoys nights out on the town with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Ads are all over magazines. It is name dropped by celebrities in late-night TV talk show interviews. Google and Facebook obnoxiously recommend raspberry ketone to us as we surf the web, as if they’re trying to tell us something about our bodies.

Raspberry ketones are relatively new as a dietary supplement. It was a largely unknown supplement until that March 2012 episode of the Dr. Oz Show turned it into the mother of all weight loss hopes. At the time, there were only a few supplement makers marketing a pure natural raspberry ketones powder due to the high cost of quality raw ingredients.

Dr. Oz Becomes Dr. Frankenstein – An Industry Monster Is Created

Now it seems like a new raspberry ketones supplement is on the market everyday. More alarmingly, the quality of the new brands coming out is questionable. The market is flooded with:

  • Products with synthetic ketones that come from a petri dish, not a raspberry. These are synthetic – they are not all-natural…

  • Useless ground up raspberry extract or anise seed ketones with just minimal raspberry ketone added more for aroma…

  • Proprietary blends with ingredient mixes more likely to induce a panic attack than weight loss.

Many people are wisely skeptical whenever there is a media frenzy about anything tagged as a weight loss miracle. A raspberry ketones Google search doesn’t calm that skepticism. People are taken from website to website decorated with photos of ripped abdominal muscles, tape measures, slim waistlines, and phony testimonials with Before/After pics of the same people we see pictured on other weight loss sites.

Its only a matter of time before we see Richard Simmons jumping out of a giant red raspberry to “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters.

Pretty much everything out there right now makes this product look like another weight loss fad or scam… when there is actually a lot of substance here when it comes to the potential of raspberry ketone as a fat burner.

Ease On Down The Road With The Rag-Tag Research Geeks

We understand that people are busy and may not have the time to research raspberry ketones like they want. So we’ve put together this page as a reference guide of sorts. We’ve navigated through the hype to get the most useful information to you.

We hope that by the end you have a better understanding of what raspberry ketones are all about, and whether or not you can benefit from them.

All without a sales pitch or a website that reads like an infomercial script.

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  1. jricob77 says:

    I just got my simply raspberry ketones and so excited to start them, but i was doing the research basic on the blueprint and i got confuse cause am not sure if i also need to take multi-vitamin, omega-3, probiotics and antioxidants for better results?

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hey there! The Blueprint for Health is designed so you can easily come up with a health plan that works best for you. It’s used to better your overall general health, and when your health is optimal, or even simply just improved, it paves the way for other things such as weight loss. The possible weight loss benefits associated with raspberry ketones are great, but of course a healthy functioning system can certainly help to improve things overall.

      Of course, do keep in mind that we’re not doctors here, so any specific questions regarding what supplements you should take is best answered by a healthcare professional.

      I hope that helps!

  2. sar4hlynn says:

    Does the Simply Rasberry Ketone need to be taken with a colon cleanse pill? I just ordered the ketones today and want to do everything possible to help them work for me.

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi sar4hlynn! Actually no, you do not need to use a cleanse with the simply raspberry ketones. Per the manufacturer. We actually do not recommend cleanses with any of the supplements. They have been shown to be unnecessary and even unsafe.

      Be well!

  3. sml says:

    Hi – I wanted to ask what the best two times of the day to take the Rasberry Keytones. I started them today and took one this morning 30 minutes before breakfast but I’m unsure of when to take the 2nd one, before lunch, dinner and does the 30 minutes matter?Thanks!

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hey there SML! It depends on the raspberry ketone product you’re taking. If you’re talking about the Simply Raspberry Ketones, the product we recommend, then you do take one capsule twice a day, according to the manufacturer. Now, in this case, taking with or without food doesn’t matter. You can take it before a meal, during or after, but because of how the product works in your system, it wont make a difference. Typically most people will take one capsule in the morning, and the second sometime mid-afternoon.

      Hope that helps!

  4. incomplete_89 says:

    Hi, thanks for your great effort in explaining everything related to this supplement, i have a question, do you now what kind of gelatin used in this supplement? Please help… I’m really concerned about this ingredient because i don’t eat pork it is haram in my religion so please help… I did have some and the supplier told me that its halal but i still have my doubts..
    Thank you..
    Waiting for your answer…

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi incomplete. I am unsure what specific supplement you are asking about. If you’re asking about simply raspberry ketone, per the manufacturer, this specific brand does not contain gelatin. The simply raspberry ketones are just ketones in a vegetable cap with purified water and hypromellose (in lieu of gelatin).

      I hope that helps!

  5. Denchild12 says:

    I would like to know if I could take the raspberry ketone, while taking diabetes (pills) and high blood pressure meds. what affect will it have on my blood sugar/pressure? Thanks

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi Denchild12. Currently we are not aware of any known medical interactions with high blood pressure and diabetes when taking raspberry ketones. However, since we’re not doctors, anytime you have a concern with a medical condition and taking a dietary supplement, it’s best to consult with a health care professional first. Best of luck to you!

  6. niecie says:

    Before I purchase any raspberry ketone product I need to know what kind of diet is recommended! I’ve done the HCG plan 3 times and the weight comes back on. In what way is this regime any better if it, too, calls for a 500 cal. Program? Please advise as I am close to making a decision. Thanks!!!

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi Niecie. There really is no specific diet recommended with the simply raspberry ketones, but it is recommended to drink plenty of water. Also it is always best to eat a healthy balance of all food groups and minimize fats and carbohydrates. We aren’t doctors, but would never recommend a program lower than the minimum of 1200 calories per day. Your health is the most important!

  7. curlyque says:

    I have questions about the Approved Raspberry Ketone capsules:
    1. Does it target abnormal fat and leave the good fat alone?
    2. The capsule contains hypromellose, is that a sugar? I’m on the hcg drops and would like to start taking this product but there are restrictions on ‘what is safe’ like no sugar or oils.
    3. When the fat is being used for energy, what happens to the cell membrane, is it dissolved and eliminated out of the body or stay ‘in hopes’ of getting filled back up with fat?
    4. Is this product Hcg approved, be great if you knew that!?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hey Curlyque! Those are fantastic questions.

      Raspberry Ketones do two things: help put your body into a state of ketosis, and assist in your body’s production of the hormone adiponectin. Now, while in ketosis, your body will burn more fat at a faster rate. Normally, your body will go into a natural state of ketosis when you don’t consume enough carbohydrates. Since your body’s preferred substance for fuel is glucose, when you don’t get enough, your body will increase the production of ketone bodies and start burning fat for energy. By overloading your body with ketones, you are forcing it into ketosis. The adiponectin hormone breaks down the fat cells to be used as fuel. There are three different kinds of body fat: essential, reserve, and excess. Reserve and Excess are basically the same, it is simply considered excess when the body has too much of it. When your body goes to use fat for energy, it will first target the excess. When the excess is depleted, it will then go for the reserve, and then the essential. So basically, once you have rid your body of the excess fat, if you continue to force your body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose you will be depleting your body of the good fat. Until then, you should have no worry of your body using up its reserved and essential body fats.

      Now, hypromellose is a highly viscous, non toxic, polymer with many different applications. It is widely used in the medical community, and is also used as a thickener in some foods. It is not considered a sugar, but is used in lieu of gelatin.

      When you “lose” body fat, the fat cell does not go anywhere or move into the muscle cell to be burned. The fat cell itself stays right where it was. The process of burning fat is very complex, but in a nutshell, when your body has to rely on fat as fuel, the fat cells are simply emptied of its fat. So you don’t actually “lose” fat cells, you “empty out” fat cells.

      As for the HCG diet, from what I’m finding it doesn’t appear that the raspberry ketones would interfere in a bad way. In fact, a lot of HCG products on the market either include or recommend taking raspberry ketones along with it.

      I hope this was helpful!

      • curlyque says:

        Thank you so much for the detailed answers!! Here’s another one:
        What kind of diet does one need to be one in order for the Raspberry Ketones to work? I am told that it can take 4 to 6 weeks for this to get in your system. I only have about 3 weeks left on this round of hcg since they have a limit on how many days one can stay on the drops. After you get off the drops you cannot eat any sugar, not counting fruit, or carbohydrates in the form of starches, you know bread pasta etc.
        This section goes for another 3 to 4 weeks and then you are able to slowly start adding some sugar and starches watching the scale….oy. If you want to do another round you have to wait 6 weeks between. SO, if I am limiting my sugar and starches after I stop the drops, would that be a correct diet for the raspbarry ketones to work?

        Thanks again for your knowledgable friendly help!


        • Geek 15 says:

          Hey there Curlyque! So glad you asked! Basically, your body will go into ketosis when it doesn’t have any sugar to burn for fuel. The point of taking a raspberry ketone supplement is to overwhelm your body with ketones forcing it into that state. Now, if your consuming lots of sugar and carbs, it’s going to counteract with the supplement, pretty much making it to where you will simply come out even, having lost no weight at all. Some might even gain weight. It’s okay to eat some sugar and carbs, but if you’re consuming more than ketones, your body will never enter into that state. So it sounds like you’re already on a good diet path for these raspberry ketones to do you some good. Just stick with it and eat as few sugars and carbs as you can and I think you’ve got a great chance to see good results.

          Of course, keep in mind, we’re not dietitians. Since everyone is different, diets will differ, so you might benefit more by consulting with a nutritionist about this.

          I hope this was helpful!

          • curlyque says:

            Thank you!

          • curlyque says:

            The thing I’m concerned about is I haven’t eaten sugar or carbs except grapefruit and an occasional apple, no starches whatsoever for 9 weeks. I have been on the raspberry ketones for just under 4 weeks. I thought because I hadn’t consumed sugars, fats, carbs for so long already I’d go into ketosis, but I’m not, I use the sticks to check my urine. Help!
            Thanks, Curlyque

      • niecie says:

        So- What happened to curlycue? Since I’m considering the ketone regime and have done the hcg, I am curious if she has lost any weight. The hcg diet is not easy and I do not want to go thru that process again to lose weight. I just want to eat healthy and more normal with the ability to eat some starch and cheese very so often. It sounds like curlicue is monitoring her ph levels. What are you all doing to help her get those ketones to work for her ?

        • Geek3 says:

          Hi again, Niecie. All we can do is give scientific research and our recommendations. The rest is up to you. Wishing the best of luck to both yourself and curlycue!

  8. cdioguardo says:

    I am interested in the Raspberry Ketone Supplement. I would like to know if it is taken as a supplement to a “meal” or do you take it with meals.

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Cdioguardo! Raspberry ketones are typically taken as a regular supplement, and does not need to be taken with food. That’s the great thing about the raspberry ketones! As long as you on a balanced diet and moderate exercise program, all you need to do is to take the supplement as recommended by the manufacturer.

      I hope that helps!
      Geek 10

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi cdioguardo. We spoke with the aPP-aPProved product team, and the simply raspberry ketones they sell are to be taken in addition to healthy eating for best results. They recommend 1 capsule twice daily in the morning with a full glass of water. This is the same for most manufacturers, but I would check with each individually to be safe. Meal replacements are rarely a safe idea.

  9. coffeenip says:

    Can you use Green Bean Extract at the same time with Raspberry Keytones?

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi Coffeenip. I cannot speak for all manufacturers, so I suggest checking with them specifically before making that call, but I do know that aPP-aPProved sells both the raspberry ketone and the GC50 products and both can safely be taken together. I hope that helps!

  10. groyal1 says:

    Can one complete a 30-day daily detox while also taking Raspberry Ketones? Or, does one have to wait until the detox is complete before consuming the ketones?

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Groyal1! Generally, a detox calls for one take nothing but the detox materials. However, I would urge caution when following detox plans, and suggest that you consult your physcian before beginning any such program.

      I hope that helps!

  11. pattymom13 says:

    What do you think about Raspberry Ketone Premium? I have been doing a lot of research, as well; and they look like they are also 100% All Natural with a better price. Comments???

    • Geek3 says:

      Well, pattymom13, at first glance, Raspberry Ketone Premium appears to be a pure product without any fillers, but the capsules are made of gelatin so they’re not vegan/vegetarian. The product also has a 90 day money back guarantee, and in all the research we’ve seen, the ketones product needs a minimum of 4 weeks to even begin working. Most manufacturers advise 6-8 weeks. 90 days seems to limit giving the product enough time to begin to work. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the company doesn’t appear to manufacture any other products and they aren’t registered with the Better Business Bureau.

  12. Alecat says:

    Hi. Have you guys heard of and hopefully tested phytoceramides?

  13. Alecat says:

    Hi I just purchased the raspberry key tones which I begin taking tomorrow. How many jars do u recommended taking before seeing results? I’m also going to workout (4-5x/wk) and eat pretty healthy. Thanks!

  14. toodles53719 says:

    I just purchased the raspberry ketones and am wondering if I’m really supposed to only eat 500 calories a day? This is what I read AFTER I purchased it. Can you advise on the type of diet I should be on and approx. how many calories I should be eating, as a 46 year old woman, 170 lbs.?
    Thank you

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Toodles. 500 calories a day is a little low for an older woman. I’d recommend between 1200 and 1500 calories a day on a low fat, low carb diet. I’d suggest staying below 10 grams of fat per day, and definitely less then 20. Carbohydrates are a little harder to moderate, but as you probably already know such things as bread and soda are places of high carbohydrate concentration.

      Exercise should not be overlooked. Walking, such as walking the dogs or going out with the kids, is a fantastic form of exercise, and it doesn’t take much to see an improvement.

      I hope that helps!

  15. jzaffos1221 says:

    i have just recently purchased both the raspberry ketones and the whole seed african mango supplements. i was wondering i was wondering what type diet recommendations would accelerate weight loss while im talking these supplements!

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Jzaffos! I’d be more then happy to offer suggestions regarding diet. While taking the supplements you mentioned, it is beneficial to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat. By all means, have some, just smaller then usual amounts. You should also be sure to drink plenty of water, and engage in light exercise (walking or an elliptical machine) for atleast 30 minutes a day. That should help you get the most out of your new supplement regimen! Good Luck!

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