What are Green Coffee Beans?


Dr Oz, celebrity doctor and promoter of the Mediterranean diet, brought green coffee bean extract to the nation’s attention earlier this year on his TV show as a weight loss supplement. Unlike most weight loss supplements, there have been clinical trials on people to show that it does given results. (Green coffee beans are more than a fad)

A green coffee bean is, quite simply, a raw coffee bean, just like the beans that your regular coffee comes from. The fruit of the coffee plant starts as a coffee cherry, which looks slightly like a cranberry and consists of four layers. Inside this is the seed of the plant, known as the coffee bean. (how do you get from cherry to bean?.)  In its raw state, coffee beans taste extremely bitter, so to prepare them for consumption, the beans are roasted until they turn golden, then dark brown. This removes most of the bitter taste and gives coffee its distinct aroma.

Chlorogenic Acid: What Makes It Work

The active ingredient in green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid, which is destroyed during the roasting process and so is barely present in regular coffee. Chlorogenic acid is a naturally occurring antioxidant and phenolic compound and research has suggested that it can encourage the liver to release its fat stores and restrict the amount of glucose absorbed by the body. This compound is found in small amounts in tomatoes, potatoes, apples, pears, eggplant and Chinese parsley and in higher amounts in sunflower seeds, tea and blueberries. The primary source of chlorogenic acid is raw coffee beans. (chlorogenic_acid)

Due to the bitter taste of the green coffee bean, it is advisable to take the supplements with a whole glass of water. As the green coffee bean naturally increases the body’s metabolism and encourages it to use its existing fat stores, it can aid weight loss without the need for calorie restriction or excessive exercise. Although some phony weight loss supplements promise the user that they will lose weight without diet or exercise, green coffee bean extract has been clinically proven to give results without calorie restriction or excessive exercise.

More Than Just Weight Loss

As well as the intended weight loss effects of green coffee beans, a Japanese study has shown that that it can maintain cardiovascular health (effect of green coffee bean on hypertension).  Combined with the benefits of reduced body fat, this means that green coffee beans can play an important part in heart health.

What is exciting about the green coffee bean extract is that it is completely natural and completely vegetarian, so you aren’t taking lots of chemicals into your system and it is suitable for all dietary requirements. There have not been any reports of negative side effects from taking it, but it is recommended that pregnant women or children under the age of 18 don’t use it. These sub-groups can’t really be tested on to see if there are any adverse effects, so it is more of a safety precaution.

Like most coffee products, green coffee beans do contain caffeine. Caffeine can be used to an extent in weight loss, but it isn’t the primary active ingredient in the green coffee bean extract as the chlorogenic acid is what makes it effective. This is why we recommend you find a product that specifies lower caffeine content. This means that people with a sensitivity to caffeine can take it and it will not affect sleep, nor will it make you jittery.

No Longer Nature’s Best-Kept Secret

Green coffee beans are one of nature’s best-kept secrets and are proving effective for both weight loss and health. Their many advantages including being natural, side effect free and effective are making them increasingly popular in a health-conscious world.

We’ll be publishing a lot more info on green coffee bean over the coming days. For now, you can see the product we found to be among the best available here.


  1. BerniceBaker says:

    I have taken this for a week, how long will it take for me to see results. Haven’t seen any loss or increased energy levels. Is there anything else to be doing. I run three times a week and do weight lifting at the gym twice a week.

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hey BerniceBaker! Great question! When taking natural supplements, more often than not the body requires some time for any active ingredients to build up and begin to work. Most cases it’s about 3 to even 6 weeks until you start seeing results. Also keep in mind, when you exercise, especially lifting weights, you’re building muscle, and because muscle weighs more than fat I would start keeping track of your inches rather than your weight.

      I hope this helps!

  2. ken erdmann says:

    Does green coffee bean have large amounts of caffine?

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Ken! It depends on the product. Some green coffee bean extracts have as much as 40% caffeine by volume. Assuming a 500mg capsule, that works out to 200mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of 2-3 sodas! Others have a much more acceptable level of caffeine. We recommend looking for a product with a maximum caffeine of 5% or less for best results.

      If one is susceptible to caffeine, or has a medical condition which may be aggravated by caffeine, I would recommend talking to your doctor before beginning a green coffee bean regimen. After all, we aren’t doctors, and your doctor would be in the best place to advise how caffeine may effect your current health and/or treatment plan.

      I hope that helps!

  3. Joyce says:

    I am interested in trying this product for weight loss but am wondering if there is any advantage to using this plus the Raspberry ketone product at the same time. I do ave RA so lots of joint issues so I know additional supplements down the road will help but I want to work on weightless first.

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Joyce! There doesn’t seem to be any scientific data regarding taking green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone at the same time, so I am unsure what any potential benefit there might be. As the supplements have different methods of action, there is no special concern or risk associated specifically with taking the two together. That being said, my best advice would be to consult your doctor before taking the two together. After all, we aren’t doctors, and your doctor is going to be in the best possible place to advise how something may effect your personal health.

      I hope that helps!

  4. jmpittman57 says:

    I am expecting my first order today. Though, after reading more I am concerned. I am hypoglycemic, will the block of glucose have an adverse effect on me???

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hey Jmppittman57! Since we’re not doctors, your question is best answered by a health care professional. The chlorogenic acid in the green coffee bean does prevent the release of glucose into the blood stream, so I would recommend speaking to your doctor first before using this product if you have concerns.

      Hope this was helpful!

  5. kara042877 says:

    I just received my first shipment of the green coffee bean supplements and I’m very excited to find out what they can do. After having my three children, I was incredibly obese and my health was in trouble. That’s when I knew I needed to take charge and get back in shape. Though it’s taken me over two years, I’ve lost over 100 lbs. but as with anything else, my weight has plateaued and I can’t seem to shed the last 25-30 lbs. I’m hoping this gives me the boost I need to get the results I’ve worked so hard to achieve!

    • Geek 15 says:

      Hi Kara! That is fantastic! Great job on your loss so far. The key active compound in the green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid, and it has over 180 studies demonstrating the potential weight loss and overall health benefits. Of course everyone reacts differently to natural products, and the amount any one person could lose greatly depends on their diet and exercise habits. I can tell you that we have heard many success stories from people having used this product.

      Good luck in your weight loss venture!

      I hope this was helpful.

  6. bgray001 says:

    What is the recommended dose for the green coffee bean?

    • Geek3 says:

      Great question, bgray001. The recent study on weight loss with green coffee bean extract used a dose of 1050 mg a day, Joe Vinson, the University of Scranton chemist who conducted the study identified polyphenols and chlorogenic acid as the agents that appear to promote weight loss. It’s important to note that chlorogenic acid content varies from one green coffee bean product to another, so it’s good to look for a supplement that has 50% chlorogenic acid if you want to get the maximum benefit from the supplement. Dr.Oz recommends 1500 mg daily.

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