Moringa Oleifera – Good for Your Heart

A growing body of scientific research indicates that what we eat and drink can protect our body against a slew of health afflictions. Studies show that nearly 70% of heart disease cases are preventable when we make the right food choices.

One “right” food choice is the Moringa tree (Moringa Oleifera).

Nutritionists as well as health and fitness experts the world over are now touting the Moringa tree as being the perfect food for our body. A popular daytime TV doctor even calls it “The Miracle Tree.”

What’s good for your heart is good for your brain and good for you in general,” says Arthur Agatston, MD, a renowned cardiologist and founder of the South Beach Diet.

Moringa Benefits

Discovered in the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India, the Moringa Oleifera tree is gaining worldwide acclaim for its remarkable nutritional and medicinal benefits. In fact, the leaves of the Moringa tree have no equal in the plant kingdom.  It is recognized by most experts as the most nutritious food in the world, with most of its benefits stored in the small green leaves of this unpretentious plant.

Known in many cultures as the “Tree of Life,” it contains more than 90 nutrients, including 46 powerful antioxidants and 18 amino acids. In fact, practically every part of the plant contains important minerals and are a good source of protein, vitamins, beta-carotene, flavonoids, and various phenolics.

In gram for gram comparisons to common fruits and vegetables, Moringa leaves contain:

  • 7 times the vitamin C in oranges
  • 4 times the calcium in milk and twice the protein
  • 4 times the vitamin A in carrots
  • 3 times the iron found in almonds
  • And 3 times the potassium in bananas

Heart Healthy Antioxidants

Because of the significant volume and variety of antioxidants, Moringa is excellent for heart health. Antioxidants help keep your blood vessels strong and elastic.

An easy way to tell if they’re doing their job is to measure the amount of homocysteine in your blood. Homocysteine is an amino acid caused by oxidation in the body. Normal levels of it are fairly harmless. But if your body doesn’t get enough antioxidants or your antioxidant systems are overwhelmed, homocysteine levels rise.

Too much homocysteine in your blood can deteriorate your artery walls leading to plaque buildup and inflammation. It can also make it difficult for your blood vessels to dilate, thus blocking blood flow to the heart.

One way to clean out excess homocysteine is with antioxidants and B vitamins – and Moringa has both.

Dr. Levette Truette, writing for the University of Florida News, says, “Almost all diseases can be prevented or destroyed if given enough antioxidants. In fact, Moringa has every single essential nutrient required for humans . . . and also contains every essential and non-essential amino acid that humans require.”

According to an August 2004 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, antioxidants, like vitamin E for instance, one of many antioxidants in Moringa leaves, slows the progression of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. Also, one of the amino acids contained in Moringa is a key factor in preventing cardiovascular disease

Moringa Squelches Hypertension

One of the most common cardiovascular diseases is high blood pressure or what’s also referred to as hypertension. To say it’s “common” is fairly accurate because more people see their doctor for high blood pressure than for any other reason.

High blood pressure is dangerous because it makes the heart work harder to pump blood to the body. As the pressure builds inside our arteries, veins, and capillaries, our heart becomes even more overworked. Over time, our heart grows larger in an effort to compensate for the extra workload and eventually becomes weaker.

High blood pressure also damages the endothelium, the thin lining inside our artery walls, hurting the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide (NO). NO is necessary to lower blood pressure because it relaxes the blood vessels and increases blood flow.

A key amino acid found in Moringa is L-Arginine. It is a precursor for the production of NO. When the body produces healthy levels of NO, you remain heart healthy.

With its supply of L-Arginine, Moringa leaves help the body in its vital production of NO. Meanwhile, the antioxidants contained in the leaves help protect and stabilize the nitric oxide, thereby further enhancing the levels of nitric oxide.

Moringa Supplements Abound As Awareness Increases

Since early 2012, the popularity of Moringa in the U.S. exploded when a popular medical doctor began promoting Moringa nutritional supplements on his daytime TV program as an “energy blaster” and a great way to “jump start your day.” Because of this plant’s remarkable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and energy-enhancing qualities, this physician recommends taking Moringa Oleifera capsules daily.

With more people clamoring for Moringa to take advantage of its staggering array of nutritional and medicinal benefits, many nutritional supplement companies have jumped on the bandwagon to meet the rapidly growing demand. Moringa supplements now proliferate across the U.S. market.

There’s a bit of a problem with this picture, however.

Not all Moringa supplements are made from FRESH leaves . . . nor do they come from trees grown in the rich Himalayan soil of northwestern India. Scientific analysis shows that only trees from this region contain the highest nutritional potency. And not are all Moringa supplements are made to the highest standards . . . nor provide the highest level of effectiveness possible.

Choosing The Best Moringa Supplement

This leaves many consumers asking: How to choose a Moringa supplement?

The answer is simple. Select the supplement whose Moringa leaves are picked fresh and whole from trees grown in the Himalayan foothills . . . washed and sorted within hours to preserve ALL their nutrients … then immediately dehydrated and steam treated for purity before being milled into powder and encapsulated.  A supplement that uses no extracts, no fillers, or “other ingredients,” but which delivers only the freshest, most nutrient rich Moringa available in the market today.

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