Omega 3’s: Key To The Fountain


The explorers had the fresh, lush green forest encircling them on every side. The rays of the sun shined all the way through the thick treetops above and birds chirped in the distance, seemingly taking the adventurers down the overgrown trail. The front person was Sir Alexander Dewight, and he noticed an opening within the brush up ahead and told the other people to follow behind him. He carried a shotgun for defense with him inside one hand, and inside the opposite hand he held a map so worn out, the smallest amount of wind might make it rip apart. Dangers may be just around any bend, even though the forest looked so beautiful.

“From what I’m observing on the map,” he said, his deep Britain accent easily noticeable, “we ought to be over it.” He moved his head from one side to the next while searching for some kind of entrance to a hidden lair. “It must be around here someplace!”

“What if this entire thing is a ruse Sir Dewight? You know, for thousands of years people have been attempting to locate this place.” It was Henry’s voice unmistakably, the young trainee the university had forced Dewight to take along with him on the expedition.

His face became really serious and it lost all emotion. Dewight focused on Henry when he turned around, elevating his face so his hat’s brim was not covering his serious and darkish eyes.

“My dear boy, you can’t just assume that something doesn’t exist because it has never been found. Look at the researchers that created penicillin or the Wright Brothers when they provided us the gift of flight. It’s not that far from us. Make no mistake. I really feel it. Eventually you’ll start feeling it also and we can give the world everlasting life. The Fountain of Youth is true, Henry-,” as Dewight chatted, his eyeballs expanded wider and wider, “and you are sitting on it!”

Each day, a tiny amount of fear deep down within my soul expands louder and stronger. Every minute that goes by, we all know is a minute nearer to our very own ending. It is the incredible tragedy for being mortal. For years researchers have been looking for anything that will improve the quality of life as we know it and extend it as well. It’s a chance that they have discovered a huge piece of the puzzle.

The culprit is cellular aging. Omega-3’s have proven that they might be the solution. The University of Southern Australia’s researchers performed a study with 33 adults to discover what impacts omega-3’s had on the process. A group took the health supplement for 6 months, the other didn’t. Their results were certainly amazing, showing there might be a very significant relation between consuming omega-3’s and reducing the cellular aging procedure. 

Another HUGE sign that the good guys were omega 3’s, stems from an analysis executed by the Division of Cardiology based in San Francisco General Hospital, which tried to look at the association between heart disease and the fatty acids. Compared to the individuals who didn’t take omega 3’s over the next 5 years (once getting the disease) those who did take them were in a lot better shape. Even though the research workers acknowledge, they don’t yet completely understand the connection (they suspected omega-3’s slowed down a procedure referred to as telomeric aging) they really believed that fatty acid was affiliated with far better overall cardiovascular health.

Everybody wants their Fountain of Youth. We’re all worried on some degree of reaching the “end of the road.” But mother nature has a crazy way of giving us indicators (and the tools) to increase our life spans. Omega 3’s may be the water out of the fountain.

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