What Raspberry Ketone Product Do The Rag-Tag Research Geeks Recommend

This Is Why We Do What We Do…

As most of you know, the Rag-Tag Research Geeks are a passionate bunch. We don’t like it when supplements are poorly researched, poorly formulated, with web or ad copy that make unrealistic claims and intentionally mislead people with over exaggerated hype.

Anytime a natural supplement fails someone, and they feel ripped off or scammed, it is a black eye on the industry. People lose faith in the concept of a natural dietary supplement legitimately helping them. They are let down and hesitant to buy anything else.

The Industry Already Has Enough Skeptics

The media, along with the FDA, already diminish the value of many beneficial supplements that have legitimately benefited thousands of people. So when fly-by-night companies, or even respectable name brands, put out a mediocre or poor product that has no chance of working, it helps nobody, aside from making the people behind such products momentarily rich.

And that is why we do what we do.

Why Are We Just Now Recommending A Raspberry Ketone Product

Its true. We’ve taken our time recommending a raspberry ketone product. The frenzy that ensued after the Dr. Oz Show was mind boggling. Like others, we were initially skeptical of the lack of human clinical studies that proved the metabolic boosting, fat burning, weight loss benefits of raspberry ketone.

But the lab studies, although done on mice, were so promising. The more we read, the more it all made sense. Researchers had essentially discovered a healthier alternative to the Atkins Diet. For years, the medical community has been hesitant to recommend a ketogenic diet, despite the fact that people have lost weight on Atkins. Getting an elevated ketone level in the body meant dropping all carbohydrates and eating a lot of saturated animal fat that was high in cholesterol. The raspberry ketone research, albeit on mice, demonstrated the same anti-obesity benefit could come with a natural supplement from a fruit.

Although There Were No Human Clinical Studies, People Have Lost Weight

Whenever articles would surface that were critical of raspberry ketone claims, dismissing the craze as another weight loss fad or scam, we were always amazed by how quickly the comment sections would fill up with supporters of raspberry ketones arguing that they’ve legitimately dropped weight with the product. These weren’t people marketing a supplement. They weren’t plants to draw attention to a specific URL or a raspberry ketone brand. They were real people that had real results.

So We Were Ready… But What Criteria Had To Be Met For Our Recommendation

As we opened up to the idea of finally recommending a raspberry ketone brand, there were a few specific things we looked for.

An Established Company

First, we wanted something from a company that has been around for sometime. We noticed that there were far too many raspberry ketone brands where the “supplement company” had just surfaced in the spring or summer of 2012. Our guess is these aren’t supplement companies but Tom Thumb from Toledo trying to strike it rich with search phrases that are currently setting Google on fire.

An All Natural Product

Second, we wanted some kind of confidence that the product was legitimately all-natural. Within the industry, there is still a lot of confusion as to the purity of raspberry ketone. Some natural food markets refuse to offer a raspberry ketone product because they feel it cannot truly be all-natural. We hear that store clerks will sometimes tell customers that all raspberry ketone is synthetic – they say that it can’t be all-natural as that would completely deplete the world’s red raspberry population.

We tend to think that some supplement makers are unwilling to pay the price to obtain pure raspberry ketone powder because they’re afraid this fad will quietly fizzle out, and their shelves will be full of an expensive product that doesn’t move. They may see demand at the moment but they don’t see profit. They see risk.

In actuality, we can respect that logic and approach, more than the supplement makers that still want to put a product out there but choose to take shortcuts to avoid paying for the pure all-natural raspberry ketone.

So it was important for us to know where the supplement company was obtaining their raspberry ketone from. We also needed to make sure they’ve tested EVERYTHING prior to selling. From the raw powder to what is encapsulated and bottled.

We wanted to ensure that the ketones were derived from actual raspberries, rather than synthetically produced on a petri or cell culture plate, or being a crushed extract, or ketones from another kind of fruit or seed.

Some Sort Of Guarantee

We’ve learned that a company that truly believes in their product is more likely to put their money where their mouth is. The weight loss industry generated $60 billion last year in gross revenue. A lot of that came from people who likely felt like they had wasted their money at the end of the day. No results. Just a product that didn’t work and another live and learn life experience.

A company with a no-frills, no questions asked, no hurdles to jump through, money-back guarantee upon customer dissatisfaction is golden to us.

And Drum Roll Please… The Rag-Tag Research Geeks Recommend Simply Raspberry Ketones™

Simply Raspberry Ketones™ - RagTagResearchGeeks.com's Recommended Raspberry Ketone Supplement

Simply Raspberry Ketones™ – contains no blends or other ingredients, only the purest natural Raspberry Ketones at the dose most likely to be effective.

This formula is so good that other supplement makers have attempted to copy it, although with lesser quality since they don’t have access to the same raw ingredients the makers Simply Raspberry Ketones™ have.

The folks at aPP-aPProved believe so much in Simply Raspberry Ketones™ that they stand by the product for a full year after purchase. The “Feel Better -OR- it’s Free” Guarantee™ means that if this product fails to deliver results, the empty container can be returned for a full refund with no questions asked!

Most of you have invested in supplements or weight loss products only to find out they were nothing but hype. There is absolutely no-risk of that here! This is also a testimony to how much they believe in the quality of this product!

We also like the fact that there are real people working at this company. They respond to emails and phone calls. They even get on the phone with their raspberry ketone manufacturer if customers report anything about the product – even the slightest variation in color or scent from one bottle to the next.

So What Should You Do Now?

First, go get Simply Raspberry Ketones™. (the 3-Pack is best). Not only does it meet all the requirements above, it’s also gluten free and certified vegeterian.

Second, plan to take at least 1,000mg per day. Yes – that’s a lot more than most say you need. But that’s the amount it took to get results in the studies. This is a full 30-day supply at that dose.

Third, be prepared for the difference!

Get Simply Raspberry Ketones™ Now

Now Also Available At Amazon.com

A 3-Pack Of Simply Raspberry Ketones™ is also available at Amazon.com for those who prefer an even more familiar company.


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