Researchers Recommend Doubling Daily Vitamin C Intake


Vitamin C:

Researchers at Oregon State University are calling for the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C to be doubled to 200 milligrams a day in a new article in Critical Reviews in Food Science in Nutrition. Led by Professor Balz Frei, the article describes the current levels of vitamin C intake as the minimum amount to prevent scurvy. He calls for raising the current 75-90 milligrams minimum but 100% to increase cell and tissue saturation.

Even when using the current minimum daily intake,

25-33% of Americans and Canadians are deficient in Vitamin C and as many as 20% may be severely deficient. Frei believes that clinical researchers are using a flawed method to test the benefits of vitamin C supplementation, especially because the trials are short-term, and that it’s time to push vitamin C as a way to help prevent chronic disease. He points to the fact that while there are many benefits that studies on long-term vitamin C supplementation show, there are zero risks to doubling the daily minimum dose to 200 milligrams.

A recent analysis of 29 studies

showed that daily supplements with as much as 500 milligrams per day significantly lowered blood pressure which inherently lowers a person’s risk of heart disease or stroke. Studies in Europe have shown a 60% lower incidence in cardiovascular disease between the top vitamin C consumers and the lowest vitamin C consumers. Other studies are linking low vitamin C levels with a 62% higher risk of cancer-related death in a long-term study over 12-16 years.

Whether or not Dr. Frei’s call is heard

and the recommended daily allowance is raised remains to be seen. Luckily, having read this, you already know the facts. There are countless benefits to supplementing your vitamin C intake with no risks. It is also one of the most easily affordable supplements available, making vitamin C supplements a no-brainer in disease prevention.

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