Facebook Censorship Can Happen To You


Jess is a single mother of 3, including a 7-year-old with autism. Right now, she’s scrambling to pay her bills and feed her children. And she isn’t alone. We had to let 7 great people go last month (that was half our staff). 

Why?  Because Facebook has banned us. We can’t advertise, we can’t link to our website – in fact, no one can, even you can’t link to our website within your posts. 

And Facebook won’t tell us why?

If you think that this is something that won’t affect you, think again.

It Can Happen To Anyone

Heather Walker faced every new mother’s worst nightmare: Her son Grayson was born with anencephaly, a fatal condition that leaves a baby born without various parts of the brain and skull. She was prepared for this, and had a professional photographer on hand to document Grayson’s few precious hours of life.

But when she shared those pictures on Facebook, her entire account was banned. The new Big Brother didn’t approve of them.

Marilyn McKenna is the wife of former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna. All she did was post a victorious pic of herself standing in one leg of a pair of pants she wore before losing 120 pounds. Still she, too, was banned from Facebook. Big Brother doesn’t like big weight loss.

Maybe that’s why Rag Tag Health wound up in their cross-hairs, maybe not. Whatever the reason, its time we all push back together.

Do you really want Facebook deciding what you can and can’t see?  

Tell Big Brother To Back Off

Big Brother Facebook needs to be told to end censorship NOW. This isn’t China, or the old Soviet Union.  This is America. An America that has been through the economic ringer over the last several years. And in a time when every job counts, we can’t afford to let arbitrary censorship keep people out of work.

 Will you help us bring Jess and the others back?

 Visit this link to write Facebook now: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/268228883256323 Choose “pages” from the dropdown menu. 

Tell them to un-ban RagTagHealth.com. We are an honest business with happy clients and those clients deserve the right to connect with us there.   

And you deserve the freedom to link and post however you want. Don’t wait until Big Brother doesn’t like one of your posts. Lets end Facebook censorship today!

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