Why Dr. Oz Can No Longer Be Trusted With Our Health


Today Dr. Mehmet Oz is giving away 8,000 bottles of brand-name krill oil on his website. On yesterday’s show, he proclaimed krill oil to be the “essential supplement” for cardiovascular health. So we would assume he would take his recommendations about such an important supplement very seriously.

Which is why we were so deeply disappointed over what Dr. Oz said next. Since krill oil is an essential supplement for cardiovascular health, why would the esteemed Doctor recommend a daily dose that is barely a third of what most studies have found effective? Surely it isn’t because this small dose happens to be the dose provided by the brand name he’s giving away. The same one that’s been advertising on his show (and providing a good chunk of his sizeable paycheck) for several months now.

We have done extensive research on krill oil, and the science points to a much higher dose – over 3 times the amount Dr. Oz recommended yesterday. Of course, this isn’t the first time the good Doc has put financial interests ahead of his objectivity. But those instances weren’t related to the #1 killer in America: cardiovascular disease.

It is beyond unconscionable for Dr. Oz to so flippantly sell out the health of his viewers this way. He could still have given away the brand name without suggesting such a low daily dose. Instead, he read from the script provided by his corporate sponsors and jeopardized the health of countless faithful viewers and admirers. If, as the science suggests, this dose is not as effective for heart health, how many heart attacks will strike, how many lives will be lost that might have been saved had people been given the right dosing advice?

We hope the blood that may one day be on his hands is worth the paycheck Dr. Oz will receive.

Update: Prior Recommendation Was Correct

UPDATE: As noted in the comments below, we were reminded on facebook that originally Oz said 1-3 grams per day. We took this screenshot of that recommendation. We can think of no other reason to change this recommendation than to appease his sponsor.


  1. share146 says:

    I take blood thiner meds . Is it safe to take
    Krill oil

    • Geek7 says:

      Hi Share146. You MUST check with your doctor before adding krill supplements to your diet. Krill oil may slow the clotting of blood; and can not be taken up to 2 weeks before a surgery.

      Because krill oil interferes with the blood’s ability to clot, it may also interact with medicines such as blood thinners, anti-platelet drugs, and weight loss medicines. The same risks might apply to taking krill oil while using supplements such as ginkgo biloba, garlic, and ginger.

      I am so glad you asked about krill oil today, share146. Best of luck to you on your healthful journey!

  2. CT says:

    Has Dr Oz been asked to comment back with the aProvenYou geek remarks and reserch?

    • Geek3 says:

      Hi CT!

      We would LOVE to hear from Dr. Oz, but it is very difficult to reach someone of his stature directly. If you have any ideas, we are always open to suggestions. Thanks for your comments, have a great day!

  3. cavnar says:

    How much krill oil are you recommending one take per day. Does your supplement have this amount? Betsy Cavnar RN

    • Geek1 says:

      We recommend 1,000 MG a day for most, but if you have special needs or goals – if you’re using it for skin health or if you want a more forceful attack against cholesterol for example – you can take as much as 3,000 MG per day. 1500 MG a day was the dose in one study we saw that found a “dramatic reduction” in wrinkles and other skin problems. Red Whale Krill Oil has a suggested serving size of 1,000 MG (2 softgels) per day.

  4. madmax5556 says:

    I agree 100%. I was taking the Mega Red krill for some time but at double the dose suggested until I stumbled by chance onto the Red Whale krill oil in which the suggested dose is 3 to 4 times more potent as the Mega Red. Sometimes the good ole Dr. Oz just doesn’t get it.
    Good work

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