Foundation Multivitamin: A Mistake YOU Can Benefit From


One of the hurdles every product has to jump before it can be RTRGeek Approved (or aPP-aPProved by our friends over there) is that it must pass independent 3rd-party testing to verify the claims on the label are accurate.

Well the most recent shipment of The Foundation™ Multivitamin fell a little short of this hurdle.

When the testing came back, it was discovered that the tablets contained less of a handful of ingredients than the formula calls for, and the printed labels claimed.

What To Do Now?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of companies who would have said “oh, well, it’s close enough!” and sold the bottles anyway. But for a company with integrity that wasn’t an option.

Option #2 was to return all the bottles to the manufacturer (who has conducted a pretty thorough investigation and figured out how this happened, so it will NOT happen again) for a refund. Unfortunately, that would mean several hundred bottles would wind up clogging up a landfill somewhere.

So aPP got creative and came up with Option #3, which they (and we) think is a win-win for everyone.

You see, the ingredients that tested low are still above RDA. The testing did not discover any ingredients that shouldn’t be there – no toxins or yeast or bacteria or any of the other things routinely tested for. All in all, this is still a better quality supplement than the multivitamin you can buy at your corner drugstore.

It’s still a very GOOD vitamin. It’s just not the awesomely GREAT one it’s supposed to be.

The Solution: A Bargain!

So the folks at aPP had some new labels printed which reflect the actual content of the tablets in these bottles as borne out by two rounds (the second to confirm the first) of 3rd party testing.

And now, they’re offering these bottles at an incredibly low discounted price to move them quickly. It’s still going to be several weeks before a new run of The Foundation™ is completed (and tested) so for now this is a fantastic opportunity to do 3 things:

  1.  Get a super, above-average quality multivitamin at a bargain-basement price
  2.  Help keep these bottles out of a landfil
  3.  Make sure aPP doesn’t wind up losing money for doing the right thing. (They can’t get a refund from the manufacturer if they don’t return the shipment. So either they sell them to cover costs or ship them back to become landfill fodder).

Find out how to take advantage of this situation here



  1. EmailMeLater says:

    Do you test the lot before or after the first bottle is sent to customers? I have never ordered from the other site BUT I ask because I wonder how I would know if the bottle I bought has the correct listing on the label.

    • Geek1 says:

      The bottles are always tested before they are sold. That is one reason prices at aPP are higher than others – but as you see testing the products is the ONLY way to know customers are getting what they paid for. Unfortunately not all companies are willing to go to this expense.

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