The Truth About Osteoporosis in Men


Although we typically view osteoporosis as a disease most prevalent in women,

one in every five sufferers of osteoporosis are men. Roughly 2 million American men have osteoporosis and as many as 12 million are at risk of developing the disease. Luckily, The Clay Times Journal has some helpful tips on how men can reduce their risk and ensure that you avoid bone loss.

First, get enough vitamin D and calcium!

As many as one in three men have a vitamin D deficiency, a calcium deficiency, or both. These are critical to maintaining optimal health but are especially important in helping your bones stay strong. Many men should add a vitamin D and calcium supplement to their diet to avoid becoming or being deficient as critical numbers of American and Canadian men are.

Avoid smoking.

According to studies, smokers have a 55% higher chance of sustaining a hip fracture than a non-smoker. That is because of the effect nicotine has on bone loss. Simply avoid smoking and you are giving yourself a big advantage – and not just when it comes to osteoporosis. Avoid alcohol as well. Alcohol interferes with the way your body absorbs vital vitamin D and calcium which elevates your risk of bone loss.

Finally, work out and keep your testosterone high.

Weight lifting and resistance exercises don’t just make your muscles stronger, they keep your bones in great shape too. Exercising, eating right, getting the necessary vitamin D, and sleeping well are crucial to your testosterone levels. Men, especially men over 50, need to keep their testosterone high for optimal bone and general health.

A big thing for men to remember is that they are not immune to osteoporosis and it is important that any man over 70 get scanned for the disease though men over 50 should consider being scanned if they have vitamin D or calcium deficiency, smoke, consume alcohol regularly, or suffer from low testosterone levels.

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