The End of Black Label Krill Oil

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Apparently, all good things must come to an end. 

The manufacturer of Black Label Krill Oil has decided to discontinue it’s production. It seems that the formula is more expensive to produce than pure krill oil, and their profits are not as high with this product. 

At present, supplies are running very low. It won’t be long before the last production run is completely sold out. Prices are rising even now to reflect this lack of supply. 

We’ve searched for another product with a similar formula but came up empty. So, we decided to go in a different direction. 

Over the years the one main complaint we’ve gotten regarding Black Label has been the additives. Not just the added astaxanthin, but the manufacturer took fatty acid molecules from fish and added them to the krill oil to increase the amounts of EPA and DHA.

With that in mind, we searched for a pure krill oil with absolutely no additives of any kind. And one that was fresh and sustainably harvested. And we’ve discovered quite a treasure. 

Captains Krill Oil is a tiny company just like us. In fact, the entire operation happens on ship. Captains ships are fitted with small manufacturing facilities – facilities fully inspected and registered by the proper authorities – so that the product is harvested, extracted, encapsulated and bottled all within hours. 

Then it’s sold directly to select retailers – skipping a couple layers of distribution “middle men” that add several dollars to the final price of each bottle. So this krill oil is actually a good bit lower in cost than any we’ve recommended before. 

Find out about our latest krill oil recommendation here:

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