The Product Formerly Known As Red _____ Krill Oil


The folks over at Google have the best of intentions. Like most rational people, they are opposed to the slaughter of certain marine mammals. (You know.. like Moby Dick.)

Because of this, G makes it a point to flag any site offering what might be products derived from those marine mammals, such as any kind of oil or blubber. Which is a great and noble thing to do, right?

Absolutely. Unless, of course, that policing is done exclusively by computers and not by actual human beings. Because computers can’t tell that a KRILL oil product named after a red marine mammal that doesn’t exist in real life is, in fact.. Krill oil. Not Marine Mammal oil, of the red or blue or any other color variety.

Where’d That Name Come From, Anyway?

On occasion we’ve gotten questions about where the name came from to start with. Apparently it is a bit confusing for some.

The Blue W&*#!$ is the largest mammal. And it lives exclusively on Krill. Krill eat astaxanthin, and of course there is extra astaxanthin in Red _____ Krill Oil. Astaxanthin is what gives salmon and flamingos their reddish orange color.

So the theory goes, if a Blue ____ ate THIS krill oil he’d turn red. Hey, SOMEBODY thought it was clever. Maybe too clever, who knows.

A Bit TOO Clever

Because of this, Google has taken issue with our site. And several others that either offer or speak of Red ___ Krill Oil. It all boils down to the “W” word. Seems you just can’t use that word if you’re talking about any kind of oil. It’s just too close for comfort.

We could fight them on this. We could go through their review process and get an actual human being to look us over and determine that we are NOT advocating the slaughter of marine mammals or the sale of their oil.

But in a couple weeks another “googlebot” is going to flag us again and we’ll have to start the process all over. So, if we want people to be able to find us on today’s internet, we have to pretty much do what the Big G wants done.

This is why, from now on, the product formerly known as Red W*&#! Krill Oil will be known as, well, Red _____ Krill Oil.

And, so everyone knows: No Marine Mammals Were Harmed During The Production Of This Product.

Carry on. 🙂



  1. skipper809 says:

    I am allergic to shellfish – would Krill oil pose a reaction problem?

    • Geek14 says:

      Hey, hope you’re doing well. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t want to take krill oil if you’re allergic to shellfish as they are technically in the shellfish, or crustacea, group. As a caution we advise people to check with their dr before use if they’re allergic to any seafood, but with a shellfish allergy you definitely wouldn’t want to take krill oil.

  2. eydie says:

    I am an extreme animal lover, but I’m not a jump in the ocean so I can become a meal, person. I love chlorinated pools to swim in. I’m a warm and furry, trainable animal lover. Anyway, I have chronic inflammation due to DEGENERATIVE DISK DISEASE. I had a 5.5 hour surgery on my lower back. My L4 & L5 disks were completely gone. Now I have all kinds of titanium, rods,screws and who knows what else in my back…maybe a screwdriver. when I look @ that picture of fire, that how my back feels everyday.

    • Geek10 says:

      Hi Eydie. I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. My best advice would be to consult your doctor and ask if adding an Omega 3 supplement may aid in decreasing your inflammation.

  3. madmax says:


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