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Radio Interview: Is There a Pill That Makes French Fries OK?


I was a guest on the Dresser After Dark Radio Show Monday night.

The topic was trying to stay healthy when you have to make more trips through the drive thru than you might like.

The segment was about 10 mintues long, so I’ve got 2 options for checking it out, and links to some free downloads below: Read more

Research Geeks On The Radio: Bone Health

Hip Xray

Last night I once again had the priviledge of being on the radio with Dr. Veronica on Wellness For The REAL World. The topic this time was Bone Health, a subject you all know is near and dear to my heart. Other guests included Dr. John Cannell, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council. You can listen to the whole show after the jump, as well as get some free downloads I offered on the show: Read more

Supplements to Lower High Blood Pressure


Last night I was honored to be a guest on Wellness For The REAL World with Dr. Veronica on BlogTalkRadio. Other guests included Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone Diet.

The subject was lowering blood pressure naturally, and there were lots of great ideas shared by the different guests for lowering blood pressure naturally. We’ve got both the full hour and my segment below:  Read more

Calciolgy for Weight Loss: More Evidence

Yet more studies are showing that the ingredients in Calciology™ can aid in weight loss.

This study found that calcium plus vitamin D supplementation was NECESSARY to achieve “significant fat mass loss” in overweight women who weren’t already consuming enough calcium. (Which, according to the Surgeon General is nearly all of us.)

But that was only the beginning:  Read more

Calcium As A Weight Loss Supplement?


The internet is full of weight loss fads. Just last week, Dr. Oz did a show on HCG and declared it a risky idea. One thing he said struck me: There was no science supporting the idea that HCG can help you lose weight. Yet there were people who were willing to pay $800 for a 12 week treatment with it.

I’ve been overweight and I totally understand that desire. But what those people don’t understand is there is something with much more science behind it, that costs a LOT less money. Read more

Dr. Says It’s All About Digestion


I saw this article recently about how pretty much everything in our body relates to our digestion.

It’s by Dr. Martin Gleixner and was published in the New Brunswick Times & Transcript on August 18th.

You can read the full article here, but I’ve pasted some of my favorite exerpts below: Read more

The Free Trial Scam Arrives For Krill Oil


Apparently these companies didn’t bilk quite enough people with acai free trials.

At the moment there’s quite a media blitz for a “krill oil” product from Purity products. Here’s what you see on their web page:

Nothing Is Truly Free

When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, however, here is the real story behind this (and every other) “free trial” offer: (I pasted this directly from their site, but I bolded the important parts) Read more

Beyond Bone Health: Benefits Of The Right Calcium Formula


 Here is #2 in our series of Podcasts with Dr. Sharon Livingston.

We know the right calcium formula can strengthen our bones and help prevent osteoporosis. But did you know there are other exciting benefits to these powerful nutrients?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, PMS… or any number of other issues… you’ll want to hear this: Read more

Osteoporosis Myths That Kill Women


Think you know all the facts when it comes to preventing osteoporosis?

In this fun and engaging podcast, Dr Sharon Livingston discoveres the shocking truth!

Read more

Benefits of Vitamin D


Vitamin D has been all over the news. But did you know that not all Vitamin D supplements are created equal? There are ways to take it that won’t do much for you, and there are ways that will really benefit your health.

Here’s how to get the maximum benefit from this crucial nutrient: Read more